The Kids are Alright

Students walk out of a vigil that seemed more a political rally than remembering their classmate who was murdered.

More than 2,000 attended the vigil at STEM School Highlands Ranch High School, as STEM School Highlands Ranch students burst into a spontaneous demonstration, protesting politics and the media.

Sen. Michael Bennet and Rep. Jason Crow spoke urged support for gun control legislation, prompting students in the crowd to shout out dissenting comments such as “political stunt” and “we are people, not a statement” – to applause.

Good for you guys. It’s a natural instinct to politicize tragedy. But there’s doing that, and then there’s hijacking a student body that should be given space to mourn for political purposes. The latter is disgusting, and I’m happy to see backlash. Don’t let them shut you up kids. Keep fighting.

Can you imagine what the reaction would have been if NRA had organized a vigil and pushed arming teachers? Think they’d get a pass from the media?

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  1. Note that it was the Brady Campaign that organized the vigil. The presence of those politicians was not an accident.

    They just got caught and called out on their normal behavior and pandering that it was.

    1. To be fair, their SOP appears to advertise that they’re holding vigils for the fallen, but to instead hold political rallies where people looking to ban guns dance in the blood of the fallen.

      It’s just that the people who attended in this particular case were willing to call them out on that bullshit.

  2. Won’t be long until Bloomberg’s pooch, Shannon Watts, derides the students as ‘spokesmen of the gun-lobby’.

    We had Proponent Testimony for Constitutional Carry here in Ohio yesterday. A nice and diverse crop of College Students (and even some professors from Ohio State) came out in support of it.

    I honestly think we’re in better shape than we think with the future generations and the 2nd Amendment overall.

    1. I honestly think we’re in better shape than we think with the future generations and the 2nd Amendment overall.

      I was coming here to say that exact thing. I know some of us go Debbie Downer sometimes, and of course we’ll never truly win and must always be vigilant, but we have a good base.

  3. Mommies Demanding Something was there too, blaming the NRA for all the school shootings. According to them our schools are now more like prisons due gunfire.

    1. We had to deal with them both in the Ohio State House of Representatives and Senate. They were bussed in on charters as well.

      It ‘almost’ got bad in the State Senate. Cecil Thomas (D-Cincinnati) was stirring them up during Proponent Testimony for Constitutional Carry. The GOP Side gave him one warning to stop, as well as to Bloomberg’s Pooches. Thomas was warned that if he continued on, he would be dismissed from the hearing and removed from it. Guess what happened after that.

      Bloomberg’s (phony) moms started their usual “Nazi/Fascist/KKK” attacks against the GOP members, and Thomas was cheering it on. Thankfully, some of Bloomberg’s moms were removed from the Chamber, Thomas shut up and behaved, and then it was like that 5 minute squabble never happened.

  4. Bashing the Brady Bunch and Democrat politicians is always fun and especially when a bunch of great kids do it for you.

    Consider, however, that the vigil was held in a school facility which requires school district approval for the sponsor which had an obvious political agenda. Still waiting for the accountability for that. Not holding my breath though.

    1. Somebody commented on another site that this isn’t your regular school. Its made up of a bunch of kids who are strong in critical thinking, and don’t just accept the usual claptrap without thought.

  5. President Obama’s former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said it best:

    “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

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