School Bias – Getting Grades for No Dissent

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A Connecticut school filters out all Republican and issue group websites that are commonly associated with GOP supporters, including pro-Second Amendment websites while gun control websites were all approved.

Even more interesting is that the student was attempting to look up the material while conducting the research for an assigned classroom debate. It’s awfully interesting that the school, which made it partisan when it opted to ban the official GOP website while allowing the Democratic website, is grading students for their participation in “debates,” but refuses to allow them to see any alternate viewpoints to present to their peers.

It’s even more interesting that the student only reported the incident to the media after notifying school authorities and he noticed that they refused to fix the blatant bias. Even now that the media is on the story, they only say that they “appreciated hearing the comments” and he raised an accusation that might warrant an investigation. But, hey, it’s just the tax dollars of Connecticut voters shutting down access to information from different political views – no big deal and nothing to see here…

8 thoughts on “School Bias – Getting Grades for No Dissent”

  1. Seems their idea of ‘debate’ is similar to the North Koreans.
    Sing the party line or else.

  2. Well if the GOP wasn’t so “hateful” with all their “rhetoric” it wouldn’t be a problem. This is what happens when they control the message.

  3. Pretty wild. The automatic filters can do some weird things (I used to be unable to access the webpage of a local school district from another district’s computers, because the first district had the text of their weapons policy on the front page and it put them over the “Weapons” threshold) but to be that consistent over that many separate issues . . . it’s entirely possible that the person actually ticking the boxes to block this or open that isn’t personally imparting this bias, but is just reacting to requests to open this or that site up without thinking about opening up other sites in the same policy area for balance. But even that (as thin as it looks now that I’ve actually typed it out) would imply a pretty serious bias in the culture of the entire district.

  4. The same kind of censorship exists within the Columbus city schools district try searching the phrases gun, guns or pro gun you get blocked but if you search anti gun/guns or gun free zone it allows viewing. The district and the teachers do not care about the bias because it is their bias the policy of not pushing politics on students is a joke of that i have many memories and examples.

  5. Statewide, and with impunity, in the People’s Demokratik Republik of Kollyvornia.

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