What’s on the Dem Agenda?

Guns.com has the rundown:

  • Assault Weapons Ban of 2019.
  • No time limit on background checks. All a hostile President would need to do is shut down NICS.
  • Rifle caliber pistols to the NFA.
  • Semi-Auto Rifles that accept detachable magazines to NFA.
  • 80 Percent Lowers are Lowers.

Right now they are pushing HR 8 hard, but this is the shit that’s coming if they manage that.

12 thoughts on “What’s on the Dem Agenda?”

    1. Sure seems like it, doesn’t it? Maybe we should put that to the test.

      We should challenge those Congressional anti-gun extremists to show us how their schemes work at a smaller scale. As in: vigorous enforcement of the AW and magazine bans of Commiefornia, New York and New Jersey. Instead we are seeing virtually no effort to enforce those laws.

      I figure there are at least three million “gun criminals” in those States who are flagrantly violating those State bans, but guilty of no other crimes. So if the anti-gunners are serious they should show our Nation how their own rules work in their own backyards, before imposing those same rules on the entire Nation. As dominated by Democrats and by anti-gunners as those States are, what’s stopping them?

      1. This is where someone is supposed to post that Atlas Shrugged quote about there being no way to rule innocent men.

  1. “The American People have the right to bear arms that the Democrat Party allows them the privilege to own”. – Sincerely, The Democrat Party.
    That’s how the Democrat Party views the entire Bill of Rights for that matter. You have privileges that they say you can have, all at their supreme arbitration.

    And as we know with the “progressives”, it’s always worse than what they show you. Semiauto Shotguns and Handguns will also be NFA’d, and there will a “Hughes Amendment” for them, meaning no more transfers after a set date. As for “Assault Weapons”, just as exists in NJ and CA, once the owner of one dies, it will be banned for them to transfer, which means if your kids take possession of that AR-15, they are Fugitives From Justice in Possession of Federally Prohibited Contraband.

    About 70% of Firearms “In Common Use” Per Heller and McDonald will be De-Facto banned, and we will in plain sight, have a a sanctified liberty turned into a government arbitrated privilege if this comes list comes true.

    Remember everyone, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez did say that “Progressives” are ‘gonna go train’ on Republicans (Elected Republicans and their voters). For those of you who don’t know, to ‘go train’ on someone is urban-ghetto talk for multiple people ganging up on someone and physically beating them to death.

    This Country is quickly on the trajectory of becoming Communist China under Mao Zedong. To say it is soon to become Venezuela would be polite.

    1. “Train” refers to group sex, not beating someone to death. She said “run train on the progressive agenda”. Something tells me you’d have no problem with a republican saying “run train on the conservative agenda”.

      1. “Run a train” refers to that, no?

        “Go train on” seems to mean more like “go all-in on”, though like all slang it’s ill-defined and variable.

        (I see no immediate evidence to suggest it Always Means “brutally murder in a gang” either.

        Or, indeed, that it ever means that.)

      2. I grew up for the first 13 years of my life in Northeast NJ, and to ‘go train’ on someone, even when I was in Junior High, meant beating someone up into a bloody pulp. I even had the lovely experience at the age of 12, having 4 highschool freshmen (14-15) try to gang up on, bully, and beat up on me, aka, go train on me, but I did fight back.

        “Something tells me you’d have no problem with a republican saying “run train on the conservative agenda”. WRONG!

        You’re beyond wrong, and if you actually paid attention to my entire post, you’d recognize that Ocasio-Cortez is just Nicholas Maduro with different Genitalia.

        Go listen to Ocasio-Cortez hustle that “La Reconquista” filth at her Green-New-Deal Press Conference too.

  2. As expected, the H.R. 1296 sounds like it is aping the current Commiefornia AW ban. Just as the earlier Feinstein ban of 1994 aped the Commiefornia ban of the time.

    The 190 co-sponsers of H.R. 1296 confirms the Democratic Party as the Party of Gun-Control extremists.

  3. What is Gun-Control? : an American Hate Story

    Scene: an airport lounge. On the TV monitors, CNN blares a story about a horrific mass shooting somewhere in America.

    Me: “Wow. That’s awful. At least they caught the shooter.”

    Alyssa Milano turns towards me and glares.

    Me: “Pardon? Is there a problem?”

    Alyssa Milano: “How could you possibly wear that NRA hat at a time like this?”

    Me: “What? What about it? I’m an NRA member.”

    Alyssa Milano points to the TV.

    Alyssa Milano: “This is your fault!”

    Me: “No, it’s the shooters fault. He will probably get the death penalty too.”

    Alyssa Milano then smiles a most becoming smile.

    Alyssa Milano: “I’ve got a great idea how to solve the gun problem.”

    Me: “Oh? Okay, what is it?”

    Alyssa Milano: “You should get punched in the throat.”

    Me: “What? I’d like to see you try!”

    Alyssa Milano: “Oh I’m not going to do it. They are.”

    Me: “Huh?”

    Suddenly Senator Chuck Schumer stomps on my foot, and a creepy grin spreads on his face.

    Me: “Ow, that hurt!”

    Chuck Schumer: “That’s a step in the right direction”.

    Me: “You people are crazy!”

    Alyssa Milano: “Now be a responsible gun owner, and take your punch to the throat.”

    Me: “No. I didn’t do anything wrong. Leave me alone.”

    A calm man then walks up to us.

    David Brin: “I heard the commotion, and I think I have the solution.”

    Me: “Wait, aren’t you that science fiction writer?”

    David Brin: “Thank you for noticing. But I propose a simple and fair compromise to settle this dispute.”

    Me: “Okay, I’m willing to hear you out. What is your compromise?”

    David Brin: “Let them punch you in the kidney.”

    Me: “What! What the Hell? How is that a compromise?”

    David Brin: “If you let them punch you in the kidney, they will promise to never ever do anything more than punch you in the kidney. No throat punching. See? Everyone wins! You never have to worry about a throat punch.”

    Me: “You’re crazy too! If all of you keep chasing that craziness, you’re heading for war.”

    Congressman Eric Swalwell: “It would be a short war, friend. We have nukes.”

  4. Well, all they need is control of the Senate (if they off the 60 vote “minimum”) and a President that agrees with them. Right now, they got 1 out of 3.

    1. Yeah, but you really don’t know what Trump “bump stock ban” “take the guns now, due process later” would do now do we?

      1. I’d wager he probably trades “background checks and red flags” for a few more miles of Wall.
        Maybe add on another mag “cap” to boot.

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