Good Turnout at Pittsburgh Protest

AtI’ll take 800 by press accounts! We need the politicians to realize people still care. Because Governor Wolf, now in his lame duck term, is getting more aggressive about gun bans. You can count on the media counts being the low limit. I’d believe 1000 or even 1500 if the media is claiming 800, which is pretty good for a preemption fight. Preemption is a hill to die on, as in defend at all cost. Without it, there would be no way to transport firearms without risking arrest and prosecution, because no one can know all the local ordinances and laws. The other side knows that, which is why they are trying to eliminate it. Their goal is to ban guns, but absent that they’d be OK with making it so legally risky that no sane person would bother.

People think all the gun ban movement will come on strong with jack booted thugs coming door to door, but that’s not how it will happen. They’ll be happy to have you defy the law, and keep your guns in your safe. They just need to wait you out. In a generation there will be no gun culture. That’s how they’ll win. They’ll never cross the line enough to provoke violent resistance. They don’t have to.

5 thoughts on “Good Turnout at Pittsburgh Protest”

  1. I was at the rally, and I will say there were about 1,500 people there.

    Sadly, I think Bloomberg and other Democrat Party Billionaires have already cut and sent out the $$Cheques to at least 4 of the 5 Democrat State Supreme Court Justices that you guys have in PA.

    It only takes 4 Justices out of 7 on the PA State Supreme Court to have a Majority Rule. Wouldn’t surprise me if a ruling has already been written striking down PA’s State Preemption Law under some “Home Rule” nonsense, or who knows; they could fabricate some “Equal Protections” BS by manipulating the 14th Amendment……Something the Left has been good at doing since the 90’s.

    PA State Firearms Preemption Laws will be gone by Autumn of this year, or Spring of 2020.

  2. I would think that a drone could photograph a crowd and get good numbers. There should be software that can count heads in a photo to do this. I’m not sure if a hobby type drone would work. (Might need a surveyor’s system, which is a commercial unit, requiring a licensed pilot to operate.) Still, accurate numbers should be useful.

  3. I was there as well. I would have estimated 700 -800 on the east side of the road, and another 150-200 on the west. Minimal counter protestors, and the police were extremely accommodating. No arrests, and not a single piece of trash was left on the ground.

    While this may not be THE hill to die on, it’s certainly up there as far as PA 2A rights go. The push from the peoples’ republics of NJ, NY, and MD is clearly obvious, and preemption is one of the cornerstones of our gun community in the Commonwealth. We can not let Bloomberg dollars influence our laws.

    1. Preemption is a hill to die on. It has to be defended at all costs. If any community can pass laws criminalizing behavior they don’t like with guns, we effectively have no gun rights. It would be too legally risky to exercise them.

  4. That bit about the generational attack on gun owners is why FOID systems are such a huge potential danger: That’s how they killed the RKBA in MA and NJ.

    The licensing requirements are such a colossal pain that most people are unwilling to deal with it. On top of that, they often come along with regulations that make it legally hazardous for non-licensed people to shoot. That in turn makes it significantly harder to introduce new people to shooting — instead of just bringing people to the range and getting hooked on the fun, they need to be determined to do it before they ever even touch one.

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