ATF Antics

Anyone remember back in the early 90s when the NRA got in trouble for suggesting that the ATF were a bunch of “jack booted thugs”?   It caused President Bush to resign his life membership.

I guess the truth hurts.

4 Responses to “ATF Antics”

  1. SayUncle says:

    Actually, it wasn’t the NRA it was some congressman who was a democrat. forgot his name.

  2. Hey Sebastian…I remember well the ‘jackbooted thugs’ remark, and I still use it to this day. LOL! The designation is even more relevant in light of the proposed 10-dollar per cigar tax increase proposed by Democrats. They are still nothing but a bunch of jackbooted government thugs…the Boston Tea Party was initiated for much less than this!

    Dang, they are coming after my guns, my fatty foods, my sugary treats, and now my cigars. They can go straight to hell.


  3. Sebastian says:

    You’re right. It is originally attributed to John Dingell.

  4. Firehand says:

    You beat me to it. Dingell used that description of ATF in a speech on the floor of the house, and not a word in the media. NRA quotes it in a fundraising letter, and the bloody sky falls.