Irish Bobby Will Be Back

I agree with Miguel’s co-blogger on this count: we haven’t seen the last of Robert “Beto” O’Rourke. The Dems never really had a chance of flipping a Texas Senate seat, but they came closer to Cruz than they had any right to. O’Rourke is a phenomenal fundraiser and strong campaigner: probably too good at fundraising for the Dems in this year’s Senate races. He sucked a lot of Dem donor money into a lost cause. But he’s a personality to keep an eye on. I said the same thing about Obama when they first put him in front of a national audience, and I was right about him too. He’s not going away. Not by a long shot.

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  1. If he persists in politics, Beto will be the gift that keeps on giving – to Republicans. He is a money sponge, and a loser, and for him, that’s a nice combination.

  2. Beto was pushed a lot by the media too, which greatly helped him.

    I already see a lot of push by the liberals to make him the candidate in 2020.

    He could be dangerous vs Trump.

    1. Wendy Davis was pushed by national media, too.

      Jim Geraghty has done a bit of writing on one reason why the national media loves pushing these “Texas could go blue” stories so much to build the hype. A) They are Dems and want to “believe” despite not being on the ground at all. B) They make the case to their bosses who aren’t paid to do serious political analysis that they need to go on the ground to get the real story, yet they hang out in Austin eating BBQ and drinking on the tabs of their employers. Basically, they get a free vacation out of it once every few years and then point to the “nearly made it” or “look at how much money s/he raised” results to show that they need to do the same things the next time around. When, in reality, the reason s/he raised so much or did so well was largely in part due to outsized national media attention and spending.

      I think there’s some merit to the argument because I haven’t exactly seen a national Salena Zito-like figure going around to rural Texas to see if there’s really something to the latest “hot Dem candidate” buzz.

  3. I’m not entirely confident that Beto will do well on the national stage, but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if he would give it a go.

    After all, who else does the Democrat Party have, that they could run? One of the biggest things that Hillary did to the Democrat Party was to suck out all the air from anyone who would run against her, in preparation for her to run in 2016 — she really wanted to win, and wasn’t going to let a little Primary get in her way this time. Even in this situation, Bernie nonetheless managed to gain some traction.

  4. Robert Francis O’Rourke will TRY to be the “first hispanic president”, even though he is Irish and his family owns BILLIONS of dollars of real estate. And he was good at sucking some money out of Hollywood and NY. He ended up getting $70 million and supposedly spending $60 million. We’ll have to wait and see how much of that was a skim to line his own pockets. But Hitlery raised a BILLION DOLLARS for her failed campaign. Again, we don’t know how much she skimmed to her own “foundation”. But it’s a hell of a long way from $70 million to a billion. But I’m sure we will see “skateboard Jesus” (HEY-sus) as named by Iowahawk, on the news every night for years.

  5. He’s as hispanic as a Miracle Whip sandwich on white wonder bread…with the crusts cut off…

    In other words, fake mayonaise, and fake bread for the fake hispanic…

  6. ’round here, we don’t call him “Beto”, anymore.

    His new nic is “Nacho”.

    As in, “He’s Nacho your Senator, comprende?”

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

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