Bloomberg’s Signature Gatherers Caught Lying

Bloomberg is gathering signatures for the Oregon semi-auto ban by paying people to lie.

I-1639 is a ban on semi-automatic firearms. It has nothing to do with a grocery tax. They get paid for signatures, and so they get signatures. The people getting paid don’t care how. This is why I do not believe in direct democracy.LiarsSignatureGathering

You can find more examples of this kind of deception at the original link.

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    1. If you read past the headline and the first sentence the article actually quotes some proponents as saying they do think they can get enough valid signatures in time still… So I don’t think we can say it won’t be on the ballot quite yet:

      “Rev. Mark Knutson, one of the chief petitioners, said volunteers will be ready to roll as soon as the court rules. He calculates that 2,000 volunteers collecting 50 signatures a day — “which is not that hard to do” — adds up to 100,000 in just one day.”

      1. That’s IP44, the Safe Storage law, not IP43, the Ban All teh Thingz law. Good to see it somewhat stymied, but still sweating t’other. Last I read, signatures could be gathered until the legal challenges are satisfied, and NRA and others have suits tying it up. I need to catch up, been busy.

  1. “This is why I do not believe in direct democracy.”

    Ballot access, whether for candidates or initiatives, is pretty fraudulent, independent of ideology. Fraud could be just as valid an argument against “representative government” as against “direct democracy.”

    Things I have been involved in personally “on the right” have included petition-signing pizza parties, where we devised various schemes for passing the petitions around so that signatures in the same handwriting would be far enough spaced on the petition so as not to be blatantly obvious. That included rotation of pens so that the different weights and colors would further conceal the identical handwriting. Names came from the phone book. (Remember those?)

    Speaking of which, when employing paid petitioners, we would not hesitate to turn in petitions on which every name was in the same handwriting, using the same pen, and in alphabetical order. As long as there were no formal challenges, they worked just fine.

    Speaking of misrepresenting issues, one time inner city kids were employed to gather signatures in their neighborhoods, for a city representative district. One enterprising kid went to a queue of people waiting to get government cheese, and told them “these people are just giving you cheese; this guy (the candidate) wants to give you meat! He got about 100 signatures in less than an hour. The candidate got on the ballot, even though he didn’t plan on giving them anything at all.

    Good guys, bad guys, everybody will justify being equally bad when seeking power for themselves for their faction.

    1. You can proclaim ‘everybody does it’ all you want. But you don’t speak for me or my side.

      Saying everyone is crooked is a bizarre defense of democracy, as your ‘defense’ is a far harsher indictment of democracy than anything Sebastian just said!

      Why be so coy? When you accuse others of crimes, be specific. Name names, times, places.

  2. Perfectly acceptable behavior on the left. As of last week I think they need somewhere around 80,000 signatures by July 6th. They will probably get it. By either lying or simply getting 80,000 out of state dead people to sign it. And if they do use 80,000 dead people from out of state because it involves gun it will remain on the ballot. When it passes and is challenged in court we all know what will happen: the courts will say banning entire classes of guns, all semi auto everything, registering the ones already out there and then later door to door confiscation of those guns following with total door to door without warrant confiscation of every home in the entire state is constitutional. SCOTUS will of course refuse to hear it.

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