Of Course He Does: “Phil Murphy wants to make it a lot more expensive to buy a gun in N.J.”

Murphy wants to balance New Jersey’s budget on the backs of gun owners. Actually, no. Because this won’t even come close to fixing the state’s budget woes. He just wants to screw you.

Gun taxes look to be going up across the board in New Jersey. For gun owners in New Jersey, it doesn’t look like Murphy is done with you by far. Purchase permits go from $2 to $50. FID cards go from $5 to $100. Carry permits go from $50 to $400, but who the hell cares because no one can get one anyway.

You will be made to pay. Murphy will balance the state’s out of control spending on the backs of gun owners. Actually, no. Because this won’t even come close to fixing the state’s budget woes. He just wants to screw you.

I would note that Pennsylvania will be welcoming to New Jersey gun owners, but if you come here, you need to fight. Because your other fleeing compadres are coming here and voting for the same shit that ruined New Jersey.

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  1. Those aren’t even the full costs of getting permits, either. There’s ancillary fees that generally end up meaning I pay a shade over $100 per permit (and I think those fees do float to match costs.

    On the one hand, those fees were supposed to cover costs, and don’t any more. OTOH, taxing exercise of a right.

    I find myself hoping he jacks them up a lot and is smacked down by the federal judiciary for excessive fees, but I know better in my gut and mind.

  2. I brought my “Libertarian-Conservative” Voting habbits with me to Ohio.

    Regarding NJ’s Financial Woes on the other hand is a different story. NJ will be at JBS (Junk Bond Status) by the end of 2019, because once Murphy and his Democrat Party Lackeys in the NJ Legislature raise taxes through the roof this suumer, the exodus of taxpayer from the Garden State will be…..”Biblical”.

  3. Here in Florida, we have that problem with New Yorkers. Residents of New York flee that state and then vote for the very same policies that ruined their last home.

  4. And Montana is being Californicated right into third world status.

  5. OT. The other month you guys had the post where the police used a genealogy web site to track down the golden state killer? Two different news stories today about police using genealogy sites to close cold cases. One a little girl that was raped and murdered, and another a teacher that was killed in her home. Both used family matches to the DNA they had, narrowed it down to a small group of suspects, then got DNA off of discarded items. (one was a water bottle, the other a napkin used at a fast food place)

  6. Well, that’s interesting.


    “[Senate President Steve] Sweeney’s not supporting Murphy’s push to hike fees for buying and selling guns in the state”


    “The move, which Murphy has pressed for months, was part of the budget proposal the Democratic governor sent to legislative leaders from his own party in June.

    But it was not included in the budget passed by the state Senate and Assembly last week, leading to outcry from gun control advocates.”

  7. Ah, the ‘Laboratories of Democracy’ at work. Freedom in some States, Authoritarianism in other States.

    Harassment of gun-owners inside Blue States is no surprise. It is just anti-gunners acting true to their nature. It should be a lesson to all those who live in Free States of what gun-control is really all about.

    Once the anti-gunners seize control of a State, they are never satisfied with the status-quo and will keep pushing the edge of law.

  8. Oregon and Washington are fascinating to watch. Because they have a decades long tradition of gun-rights, and lots of people exercise those right too, for example with concealed carry. Yet those States are now solidly in the grip of single-party rule by the anti-gun Democratic Party.

    So what happens next?

    Will the Party impose their will, and create the “West Coast Wall” of gun-control, where Oregon and Washington are synchronized with the gun policies of California? Or has a certain critical mass of the exercise of gun-rights been reached, so that gun-control becomes a “third rail” of politics in the Pacific North West?

    My hunch, is that Oregon and Washington are doomed.

  9. The budget deal passed screwed New Jersey in a number of ways, but did not include these increases. Apparently the Legislature didn’t want them. Interesting.

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