Brady Donations to Patrick Murphy

I have obtained a Federal Election Commission filing from the Brady Campaign’s Political Action Committee.  You will notice a $1000 donation to Patrick Murphy for Congress dated October 13th, 2006.  Right before the election.

Little doubt here that Murphy is trying to get some political cover on the gun issue in a county full of gun owners.  That way when people raise his anti-gun record, he can point other pro-gun measures he’s signed on to as proof that he’s really not against us.  He has to triangulate on this issue.  I am not the only car with an NRA sticker on it in this neighborhood, and there’s a gun shop within walking distance.  My local club has 1200 members, and there are more than a dozen other ranges and clubs in the county, many of which are also rather large.

Pro-gun forces in Southeastern Pennsylvania have largely been unorganized.  NRA has a presence here, but few are standing up and getting involved.  Hopefully, we can start turning that around.  Pennsylvania’s future as a pro-gun states absolutely depends on the Philadelphia suburbs.  We can see what the result is of the suburbs voting in lock step with the city in Ed Rendell’s governorship.  By contrast to Rendell, Barack Less Filling, Tastes Great Obama failed to take the suburbs, and failed to take the state.

Gun owners in other parts of Pennsylvania are quick to dismiss the Philadelphia suburbs as a lost cause, but by doing so, are sowing the seeds of their own doom.  We have a shooting culture here.  It’s showing some health problems, but it does exist.  Hopefully we can show people in the rest of the state that we’re worth saving.

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