Here We Go Again


Get ready for more scolding fingers pointed in our direction. Early reports are more often than not wrong, so I’m not going to report any facts at this point, since they will change.

I’ve been busy as hell, but I’ll do my best to cover the backlash. No doubt there will be a lot of bullshit flying, and people trying to get us to take the blame.

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  1. I checked the Santa Fe ISD twitter to see what the most recent updates were and people were already replying to their tweets with “the NRA is a terrorist organization” and “the NRA has more blood on it’s hands”. Not an hour after the incident….

    1. Yesterday : “No person should be called an animal no matter what they’ve done. They are human and deserving of respect”


  2. We’ll see how much this runs- I have a feeling that it’ll be a week at most and they’ll move on and be forgotten.

    1. It depends. If the gun control advocates can find a couple at least students willing to do the media circuit then they’ll go with them.

      Parkland did confirm that having a media plan ready to go and making contact right away and getting onsight teenagers can be effective for them.

      I don’t see why they wouldn’t try it again.

      (To be cold, from a PR standpoint Hogg et al. were just starting to get stale and now they have a chance for fresh blood.)

      1. Oh don’t worry, they will do it again. The antigunners have a coordinated machine with the Democrat Party Billionaire Donor Class and their Lackeys in the media.

        One of the reasons that Hogg and his fellow Pigs had gotten stale before is because there is now a growing momentum of push-back against them, and, Democrat Party Political Candidates who have been out in the open with their mantras of “The NRA is a Terrorist Organization”, “Repeal the 2nd Amendment”, “Ban and Confiscate Semiautos like Australia”, etc.

        Alongside the Mueller Witch Hunt falling apart as nothing more than a political hit-job by the Left, the Gun/2nd Amendment issues are the 2 biggest reasons that the Democrat Party’s standing in the Congressional Generic Ballot Polls has gone from +8.5 to +4.5, down an average of 4 points in less than a month.

        1. “Alongside the Mueller Witch Hunt falling apart”

          Five guilty pleas and 17 indictments is “falling apart”? If so, I wish I could get my old car to fall apart that way.

          Seems to me an awful lot of witches are being outed and the big orange warlock is being shown to be at the center of a continuing criminal enterprise!

          I’m sorry for digressing in the middle of this current crisis, but delusional memes are just a bit hard to swallow.

          1. The 12 Russian “Troll Bot Creators” showed up in Court, and Mueller hasn’t produced any Criminal Evidence against them, and if you actually looked into the 5 BULLSHIT Indictments, Mueller used NSA Spy Transcripts to entrap everyone in BULLSHIT Process-Crimes that Democrats seem to have the Privilege of evading in our 2-Tier Justice System.

            The only “collusion” you could actually point to is the FBI, Maobama Posse, DNC, and Podesta Group tried to do was rig the 2016 Election for Clinton, but FAILED.

            Let me guess, you’re a “Bernie Supporter”.

            1. Indeed. I fail to see how indicting someone on things that happened before the Trump campaign, that have nothing to do with Trump’s campaign, has anything to do with proving Russian collusion.

              Seriously, Mueller has been investigating for, what, 18 months now, and all we have are these silly indictments (including “involvement” of at least one company that didn’t exist at the time) and demands by Congress for internal FBI documents that they have withheld for “national security” reasons, but of the ones they have *finally* turned over, all we have seen are things that are simply just embarrassing to the FBI?

          2. One indictments for a Russian Company that did not exist at the time The defense for on e Russian company said produce the evidence or shut up . Mueller team said oops ,Can we delay? Judge said no put up the evidence.

            Watch Mueller say they can’t with out endangering National security That will be the next excuse

  3. A sawed-off shotgun and handgun were used in this shooting. Give it until Monday and the Democrat Party and Media Lackeys will be calling Pump Action and Semiautomatic Shotguns “High Powered Street Sweepers”…….”We need to ban those too”! Bloomberg-Soros-Steyer and the Democrat Party Billionaire Donor Class will see to it, and you can bank on that!

    Also, the Democrat Party has made a Campaign Slogan out of saying “The NRA is a Terrorist Organization”!, and you now have Democrat Party Candidates (Including Military Veterans) calling for the forcefull disbanding and shutting down of Gun Rights Organizations (Goodbye 1st Amendment).

    The Dogwhistles of the antigunners are now turning into outright declarations of declaring gunowners to be political dissidents who must be “purged” from Society.

    1. “Give it until Monday and the Democrat Party and Media Lackeys will be calling Pump Action and Semiautomatic Shotguns “High Powered Street Sweepers”…….”We need to ban those too”! ”

      That could be a blessing in disguise. They are more likely to be successful picking gun ownership apart, one gun a a time, than if they broaden their focus to all guns, including “sporting” guns.

      I know bird hunters and trap shooters who look askance at AR-15s, and believe their shotguns are entirely safe. Showing them that their guns aren’t safe, could do a lot to swell the gun rights movement from some “sportsmen” bases that have always been decidedly squishy.

  4. Already reports that the shooter had an AR15. Regardless if that ends up being true or not, that’s what people will remember.

    1. No, I don’t see that in any reports.

      This guy is the “double barrel killer”.

      Simmer down Joe…

      (So predictable)

        1. Early reports I heard cited a third “AR-15 type” weapon. I’m inclined to believe those reports were just wrong, and not malicious. They probably can be traced to witnesses seeing what they expected to see.

          1. Agreed, but that doesn’t mean people won’t try use early incorrect reports to their benefit to push for banning evil black assault rifles.

  5. Prediction: the specific weapons used will be memory-holed, and this will continue to be used as a cudgel against the NRA and “weapons of war.”

    Did we ever confirm if the Parkland shooter actually did use 10 round magazines or not?

    1. I’ve been hearing consistent reports, alongside Gov. Abbott and TX State Police already telling the AP, that a Sawed-Off Double-Barrel Shotgun and .38 Caliber Revolver were used in the shooting.

      1. Latest report via local ABC News segment Saturday Night. He started by throwing a home made bomb into the class room.

  6. As always, the details are unknown at this point but the politics are entirely predictable. The leftist media sensationalizes these things and some sketchy kid decides to act it out. Then the media and other leftists blame people who didn’t do it. And the schools are still not made hard targets. Any combat engineer can tell you that barriers are not effective unless they are covered by fire.

  7. Bigger question: at what point do mass shootings really end in terms of the outrageous and salacious media coverage inherent following each incident? The cure they try to sell is always worse than the ailment.

    Is this stuff really the result of a copycat mentality? As much as I don’t want to see law abiding (though that term will continue to mean little as gun owners in anti-gun states are no longer treated as such) ownership treated as a “mental health issue worthy of studying”, there is a body of thought that we really should study why drawing pentagrams on desks now potentially turns into bloodshed. It didn’t used to be like that and we owe it to ourselves to get past “well… Shit happens.”

    1. Look up the term, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

      The ultimate reason that the gun-banners want HHS and the CDC to “study” gun issues, is to get government sponsored, written reports that firearms ownership is “directly linked to multiple, paranoia-symptomatic, mental disorders”.

      Remember that the antigunners see us as “undesirables” and as outright political dissidents.

    2. There are a surprising number of mass shooting events that use Columbine as *the* template to copy; furthermore, it’s clear that many of these mass shooters study other shootings in addition to Columbine.

      I can’t say that all mass shootings are copycat shootings — and they probably aren’t — but there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that copycatting is certainly a factor.

      A couple of years ago Sebastian linked to an article about how a certain “riot threshold” may be a factor, too: that while most people won’t riot and loot, a lot of us have certain thresholds where, if N people are doing it, that we would do it too. One person might start rioting just for some random reason; a second person would start rioting because, hey, one person’s doing it; another person will start rioting because two people will do it…and after a while, an ordinary person who wouldn’t normally approve of rioting will break into a store and take a thing or two, because hey, everyone’s doing it, so why not? The latter’s threshold may be very high — say, 100 — so it won’t be reached unless there’s a full-blown riot.

      Perhaps the greatest potential proof that this might be happening with mass shootings may be the Las Vegas monster. Sure, he may have had a psychotic break…but he’s frighteningly *ordinary* as well…

  8. Revolver, shotgun, no ban will survive the laugh test in Congress. Reports are that he wanted publicity. Ban assault media (those with a large audience. ) They encourage this sort of behavior!

    1. Won’t matter, they’ll do their usual thing of
      Something Must Be Done
      This Is Something
      Therefore This Must Be Done.

      (Where This is the usual half-measure AWB-type ban, to soften up the voters and move the Overton Window)

      1. We must ban AR-15s and Glocks, because otherwise we won’t be able to discuss banning pump action shotguns and revolvers as common sense measures!

        /haha only serious.

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