Looks Like Another Shooting at Fort Hood

Since nearly everything that comes out in the next several hours is likely to range from mildly wrong to grossly wrong, I’m not going to report on facts until facts are in. I’d note that our opponents have not had much success in exploiting mass shooting tragedies at military bases.

7 thoughts on “Looks Like Another Shooting at Fort Hood”

  1. Fox: “We’re not sure, but we’re pretty sure Islamic Jihadists are to blame.”
    MSNBC: “We’re not sure, but we’re pretty the Tea Party’s to blame.”
    CNN: “We’re not sure, but we’re pretty sure nobody is watching our show right now.”


    1. I think the proper CNN response is: “We are really only interested in flight 370 so nothing to see here”

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  3. One thing we know for sure is that soldiers at Ft. Hood are not allowed self-defense.

    1. And we now know that a good girl with a gun stopped the shooter. Funny how a shooter has free reign until confronted with force .

      1. And is always stopped by that force, whether actual or the threat of it.

  4. It’s a shitty thing when stuff like this happens and I have to go work on a .mil base the next day. All the gate security they do, including dogs and vehicle searches, is just damn security theater.

    Like I told a colleague one day, you know, they search random vehicles, maybe 1 out of 10, but they never search the person. I guess that’s why garrison HQ considers the #1 threat to our installation to be an active shooter….

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