Gun Owners Must Carry Liability Insurance

We’ll mandate you carry insurance, then make it illegal!

And if you actually offer that insurance, we’ll make it illegal and fine the companies offering it. Is there anyone out there who is still seriously going to argue that prohibition is a gun nut delusion? This is like Chicago mandating live fire training to own a gun with one hand, and then with the other hand arranging the city’s zoning code so that there could never be any ranges in the City of Chicago. What do you expect me to think? They act like anything short of showing up at my front door with a confiscation order is just nothing at all to worry about. Hey, I know, you can legally have guns, but the Second Amendment doesn’t say anything about bullets now does it? Go to hell. Do you think we’re stupid?

22 thoughts on “Gun Owners Must Carry Liability Insurance”

  1. Agreed to refrain from “Entering into any other agreement or arrangement, including any affinity-type insurance program involving any line of insurance involving a contract of insurance involving the NRA, directly or indirectly.”

    The hell?

      1. I was told that most insurance companies operate an NY specific subsidiary SPECIFICALLY because NY’s insurance regs are so convoluted.

        1. Absolutely true. Most insurance companies have one company for New York and one company for the other 49 states plus DC.

          I hold insurance licenses in 4 states and NY sure as hell isn’t one of them.

          1. 50+1 was the way it was described, yes. 49 states, DC, and then NY by itself.

  2. You said that last line like it was a bit tongue-in-cheek. Except the antis have suggested ammo is NOT “arms” as specified by the 2nd Amendment.

    And a little more veiled, there’s the regulations where any bullet made of a non-lead metal is “armor piercing”, and lead ammo is poison.

  3. “Do you think we’re stupid?”

    No. They know we’re stupid, based on the charlatans we’ve chosen to throw in with over the years. They only need to find the right angle for taking advantage of it.

    It’s possible they found that angle back in 2015 – 2016 (or the years leading up to then, of course) but the jury remains out on that one. Their camp collectively is no less stupid than our crowd; we’re just working harder at crowding out everyone who isn’t stupid.

  4. I wonder if USCCA is also prohibited in NY, or do they just have the stink-eye for NRA branded insurance?

  5. Wonder what the howls of outrage would look like if red states started shutting down malpractice insurance for abortion providers…….

  6. “Look, you paranoid delusionals!

    Nobody wants to take your guns!

    Just all ‘assault weapons’, useful magazines, ammunition, and any ability to actually carry, use, or meaningfully possess a firearm outside of a gun safe, limited to one or two murderdeathmachines.

    But not take your guns! Stop making stuff up!”

    1. I’ve seen pope literally make that argument. Either they don’t understand the difference, or they know the difference but also know we’d freak out if they said they will take our guns.

      The cognitive dissidence is strong with them.

  7. Another reason why we need to get NY out of America. We will never be safe living in the same country as these maniacs.

    1. While I wouldn’t necessarily try to force either State out of the Union, if either State decided to leave, I would be fine with that — indeed, I would request that we do everything in our power to make the secession happen as peacefully as possible.

      If they wanted to come back after a few years of completely messing things up, I would be willing to consider that, too — but only if they made significant changes to their governing structure first….

      1. New York sits across the land access to all of New England. If they go, New England has issues. It’s the reverse of what happens to Canada if Quebec leaves.

        For that matter, if CA goes, you lose half the West Coast ports, and at least 2/3 of the port capacity…

        1. I’m kindof aware of those issues, so I’m also aware that these are obstacles to peaceful secession.

          This is one of the reasons I’m also in favor of breaking up California and New York, separating the two States into liberal and conservative portions. (Particularly since both New York and California have conservative portions that are tired of being trampled on by the more-populated liberal portions…)

          This would have similar effects to outright secession — basically, it would give the conservative portions of both States more of a voice in national politics — without the difficulties of outright secession.

          But then, this has the challenge that both the State legislature of the State in question, and Congress itself, would have to agree to the secession…and that might be just as difficult to get agreement with, as an outright secession from the Federal government…

          1. We only got West Virginia because of the way things worked after ACW. I think it’d take ACW II to get Jefferson and North New York.

            And I don’t want ACW II

      2. If NY State left the United States, and then wanted to come back, they would come back as a Territory – the People of NY would have to re-ratify the US Constitution to be readmitted as a State…wouldn’t they?

  8. I spoke to Marty and Gila Hayes of Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network about the NY situation at the NRA AM. They said it is one of the reasons they set it up as a member-based mutual aid society instead of an insurance company.

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