Russians! Everywhere!

You’re not going to believe this, but there are RUSSIANS exhibiting on the NRA floor. Hawking ammunition, those RUSSIANS are. Shifty bastards …

Tul Ammo is exhibiting on the exhibit floor at NRA’s Dallas Annual Meeting! Anything to keep the NRA/Russia narrative alive, I guess. But this is stretching. Yes, Russian Ammo manufacturers US distributors will exhibit where they can find shooters. Stunning, I know.

Whether an individual shooter feels OK about funding Tsar Vladimir’s military adventures I’ll leave up to individual shooters and the State Department, which even ABC has to admit has not slapped any sanctions on Tul.

I’ve seen other stories talking about how Torshin and his assistant have been seen at high-end events:

The pair has popped up at the Golden Ring of Freedom Dinner, an exclusive event for donors who have given $1 million or more, and hospitality suites for lifetime members. Butina has also attended the women’s luncheon hosted by the wife of Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s executive vice president. Tickets start at $250 a head, according to sources familiar with the event.

You don’t necessarily have to donate a million or more to the NRA to get into these events. I’ve been to high-dollar events just through contacts who could get me in, and I’ve never donated anywhere close to that kind of money. I am not a big money donor to the NRA. To be a big money donor to the NRA requires having big money in the first place, which I don’t.

I suspect that NRA was interested in cultivating that relationship based on the fact that NRA and the Putin Administration have something in common: opposition to the UN Arms Trade Treaty. That was a significant issue when they started attending. It would not shock me if that was the common interest that made that relationship useful to both sides. I should note that this is rank speculation on my part. I have no direct information one way or another, because it’s not like people were running around screaming “The Russians are here! The Russians are here!” or were even talking about it. NRA has a handful of foreign attendees every Annual Meeting, and it’s not unusual.

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  1. Russians support American gun rights, so that the Americans will be well armed when the Red Army arrives on an Alaskan shore. Oh and as a side effect, the Republicans support drilling which eats into Russian oil sales, 50% of their budget. Makes total sense to me. I always want to make sure my competitor is armed and rich.

    Personally I stooped using Tul Ammo because they started using some weird zinc (?) plating and I cannot convince myself its ok for the barrel. Anyway, you can find other brass stuff like American Eagle and IMI for about the same price.

    1. What if, Russia had never sold Alaska to the United States? Imagine how different the Cold War might have been if the Soviet Union had a land border within North America!

      1. They probably would’ve conquered the Western half of Canada from the British during the mid-1800’s, if you really think about it. The Russian Empire had a powerful Military back then, and they were actually closer to be the 2nd biggest world power behind Britain and over France by the 1850’s.

        1. And they had less ability to project that power. Moving troops across Siberia and the Bering Strait is a hell of a lot harder than raising loyal Canadian troops and ordering them to march west.

        2. Well, seeing as the US acquired Alaska in 1867, I don’t think so!

          But the USSR having a land border with Canada in 1953 is a whole other question.

  2. How’s this for ironic trivia:

    In NYC only 1% of the public legally own firearms.

    But in Russia 5% of the public legally own firearms.

    What does that tell you about New York City?

  3. “I suspect that NRA was interested in cultivating that relationship based on the fact that NRA and the Putin Administration have something in common: opposition to the UN Arms Trade Treaty.”

    Well, there’s that, and it always helps to have a plausible excuse.

    But, an undeniable coincidence is that America’s theofascists were just consolidating their grip on the NRA (as evidenced by Jerry Boykin and Franklin Graham being fielded as Sunday-go-to-meeting attractions at the National Meetings) around the time those theos were cultivating common ground with Putin’s Russian renderings of Culture Wars — not a lot different from NRATV’s renderings of Culture War.

    Maybe an alternative theory is that a love affair was born for less universally presentable reasons, and then some people shopped around for pragmatic political justifications for it.

    But the UN Arms Trade Treaty — yeah, that’s the ticket!

  4. The only Russian ammo I buy is 7.62X39 and not in several years. The literal pallet I bought still has plenty left. There .223 erodes AR barrels and a faster rate than brass cased ammo. I once talked to them at the 2009 Phoenix convention. They’ve been going to this convention for at least a decade if not longer. This was of course Shortly after the presidential selection well into the swing of the first great Obama gun rush as I call it and all I really asked them is when do they expect her supplies to get better. They didn’t know. The lady I talked to was not Russian. But by the current liberal media standards by merely talking to her for 4 minutes 9 years ago I might as well be a Russian bot.

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