I Have No Words

The only thing that gives me hope for humanity is that he’s in 3rd place. And I guess in this era of female equality, we’ve revised the “chinaman” slur to “china people?” I guess we don’t want all those china ladies to feel excluded? That’s forward thinking!

Thanks for letting everyone know you support the NRA dude. Thanks.

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  1. McConell visits China, and shortly thereafter, his son bags a multi million dollar contract with China. Hmm… this Pol is no movie star, but he is right about McConnel. He’s running against Mantsion, whose daughter is the one who raised the price on epi-pens a ridiculous amount. You guys are pretending outrage over a presumed insult to the Chinese. You miss the point, probably intentionally.

    1. First thing to ask in politics: can this guy win? If the answer is no, then why bother?

      This guy is another Christine O’Donnell or Roy Moore. He’ll lose a perfectly winnable race.

      1. “First thing to ask in politics: can this guy win?”

        I think Donald Trump proved that sometimes we need to ask a second and third thing, too.

        1. Of course there’s more to it than just that. But running a candidate who can’t win is just an exercise in emotional satisfaction.

          1. I’m sure you’ve encountered the argument, usually embraced by minor parties, that even when there is no chance of winning, a candidacy provides a high-profile public platform for your political philosophy. Actually no one believes that for very long, and even hopeless candidates can’t resist thinking in terms of actually winning. That couples with the next assumption which is, that getting your candidate elected will lead to the “end of history” and everyone will love what they do so much your faction will in a few years be swept to unchallenged political power.

            I think that is what happened with the Republican Party — I mean the “outreach” and “platform” things. It was never clear exactly what the “Tea Party” constituency or philosophy was, yet it gelled into a political identity thanks to so many candidates claiming it. It left more than enough room for a Trump. But now that the Republicans have got it, they still have no idea what it, and therefore their party, is supposed to mean. Meanwhile, they have a handful of candidates across the country campaigning as overt racists, still enjoying the high profile public platforms and being amplified by the media for their outrageousness.

            1. I’m sure you’ve encountered the argument, usually embraced by minor parties, that even when there is no chance of winning, a candidacy provides a high-profile public platform for your political philosophy.

              I’ve never been convinced it was a good idea. It didn’t really do much for the Libertarian Party did it? Versus maybe trying for some local offices that might be winnable and working up from there. The problem is, in our system coalitions have to be formed before the candidate is even fronted, usually from within a political party. So any candidates is going to represent a host of compromises that are going to make some parts of the coalition unhappy or less than happy.

              I think the situation today is because every part of the coalition has gotten more strident, and less willing to compromise. That kind of struggle will be a race to the bottom quickly, because the loudest and most strident coalition members will tend to win, leaving everyone else having to decide whether that shit sandwich is worth eating or leaving.

            2. The current pathology on the right goes something like this:

              “I don’t want to be sending ur jobs to all them china people like that mongrel Obama did!”

              “You know, you really shouldn’t say that. It’s racist.”

              “Don’t you impose your PC cuck guff on me.”

              “No, really. This isn’t PC guff. That’s actually racist.”

              “That’s exactly what the progs say about everything! Everything is racist! Everyone is racist! Especially if you’re white.”

              “What you said is objectively racist.”

              “Why don’t you love America?”

              Which is the problem of using terms like “racist” so willy nilly. It eliminates the ability to call out actual racism, and enables people who are happy to tell hypothetical people like this that they aren’t really racists, and it’s all just PC hogwash. I like this Tweet that came along this week, because I think it’s true:

  2. The fact that he uses language ending with “people” inherent in his vernacular does not make me think that was a racial comment on the surface. Note how he calls his own kind “West Virginia People”. It’s no more descriptive than “Pennsylvania People” or “Canada People”.

    Mind you I don’t like him or the commercial, but there you go. He’s a weird person, and based on his background in his industry I definitely would consider him more of a swamp builder (as in dig the hole, forget about the people trapped in it, then fill it with water) than a drainer.

  3. The chinaman is not the issue here, Dude. I’m talking about drawing a line in the sand, Dude. Across this line, you DO NOT… Also, Dude, chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature. Asian-American, please.

    That’s where my mind went.

    It’s not just what he says, its how he says it. Seems like a ISIS hostage video.

    Glad this guy is in third place. Hope he loses bad. Donald Trump, Jr came out against him too with a pretty good tweet.

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