About as Shocking as Weather

Lame duck governor whose political career is at an end didn’t used to like assault weapons, then liked them, and now decides that once again he doesn’t like them. It bears repeating: politicians very rarely come to this issue out of any real personal conviction. It is almost always based on a calculation of political expedience. When banning assault weapons was all the rage even among a lot of Republican politicians in the early 1990s, Kasich liked himself some assault weapons bans. When the 1994 Federal AWB laid the foundation for our return to political power, Kasich flipped and declared himself a darling of the NRA, and gladly took our endorsement. Now that his political career is over, he has plainly laid out that he’s not really a gun guy, and all those NRA endorsein’ and assault weapon lovin’ was just a show.

Oh well, whether he likes it or not, he signed a lot of stuff that’s good for gun owners. Remember, just because your girlfriend is a whore doesn’t mean you can’t get laid. Remember Uncle Milty:

11 thoughts on “About as Shocking as Weather”

  1. He always seemed like a squish to me anyway.

    These are the Repubs we have to worry about though. Those who think the political winds are changing.

  2. Until I got further down in the post, I thought you were talking about Mittens.

    1. Mittens wants to be Senator from Utah. Our days of having trouble with him are probably over, at least until he’s elected or rejected. And elected? No way he gets away being the anti-gun Republican Senator from Utah.

      1. He is 71 and it is a 6 year term. I see no reason why he couldn’t safely release his inner gun controller.

  3. Does anyone know what national politicians, if any, appear to be sincerely pro gun?

    Just curious.

    1. There are probably some Gun Culture 1.0. Paul Ryan perhaps. Gun Culture 2.0; I am hard pressed. Hopefully soon. In the meantime, we need to keep them worried about their jobs and perks.

      1. I would say there are definitely a couple. Rand Paul, Ben Sasse, and Justin Amash come to mind.

    2. In the Senate or House? I would agree with the names here for the Senate and add Ted Cruz.

      The House? Well you have Rep. Steve Scalise, the ONLY Republican who was shot up by a crazy guy and left in traction for weeks who is still 100% unwavering on gun rights, so I think that should probably get him the distinction. There are others we know, and others who would step to the forefront when they are convinced the money/votes are there, and/or that there is no shame in their vote, or their vote will be fairly low profile. But that’s true of any issue, really.

      I would say the ones who participate in the shooting competitions are probably genuine, though you’d probably find a poseur or two there to make sure they are exercising good muzzle discipline when the camera snaps.

  4. Friedman was terribly wrong and today proves it. If someone isn’t grounded in fundamental, constitutional principles, the bill of rights will soon disappear. The founding fathers would compromise on details, but not on fundamentals. At least a litmus test can be used against the fake conservatives.

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