Tough New Federal Gun Laws

Dave Kopel looks at the issue in The Hill, and notes, tongue in cheek:

In the spirit of these proposals, here are some ideas for tough federal gun laws — most of which should have been enacted years ago.

For people convicted of domestic violence, even a misdemeanor, how about a lifetime prohibition on firearms possession?

Further, a government license should be required for anyone who wants to manufacture, import, or sell firearms. The license should be mandatory not only for formal businesses, but also for individuals who make repetitive transactions for the purpose of profit. This would cover people at gun shows who put up signs declaring themselves to be “unlicensed dealers.” Anyone who engages in the firearms business without a federal license should be punished by up to five years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine.

Almost no one knows what our current gun laws are. But based on my social media feeds, that sure doesn’t stop everyone from thinking they are fucking experts.

10 thoughts on “Tough New Federal Gun Laws”

  1. Ignorance of laws,…….ALREADY ON THE BOOKS!… it’s. FINEST!

    To say that this is comical is dangerous.
    Recognizing that this ignorance of laws existing on the books is RAMPANT amongst supposed “experts” out there is an issue that we must tackle.

  2. I bet most anti-gun people reading that would nod their heads say WE NEED THIS NOW, until they realized thats already the case.

  3. Dunning-Kruger. The same reason why healthcare & education are so screwed up.

  4. This is also demonstrates why public opinion polling on gun-control topics is usually pointless. The pollsters forming the questions and the polling respondents are so ignorant about gun-control laws, that the poll results deliver useless gibberish.

    But that doesn’t stop the anti-gunners from trying to exploit that gibberish to push their agenda. To the anti-gunners, ignorance is a feature not a bug.

  5. So, why don’t we push to enact nearly the same laws, but start to ratchet them back. Brady checks without a 4473, a revised Lautenburg Act, etc. let them think we’re giving in, when in fact we’re effectively repealing harsher version So?

    1. Great idea! Maybe we could get rid of the out-of-state handgun rules while we’re at it & make them like long guns.

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