The Media Darling

I can’t count how many article I’ve seen about Caleb Keeter (if you’re saying “Caleb who?,” join the club) in the media. I passed on most of them, since I’ve never heard of the guy, and I frankly don’t care what celebrities think. But this article from the Canada Free Press is worth reading:

Someone in Keeter’s position will be assigned absolute moral authority on the issue because of what he went through in Vegas. You still oppose gun control? Oh yeah? Go through a shooting rampage and then come back and tell me that!

The many people who went through the same rampage and did not have their minds changed will presumably not be assigned the same absolute moral authority, for reasons I suppose are obvious. But authority is not what makes an idea good. It’s the quality of the idea itself. So let’s examine Keeter’s full statement explaining his change of mind …

As I said, this one hit close to home, but it didn’t change our minds. The article makes the very good point that although the very careful planning this mass murderer did made return fire an unrealistic option, there are plenty of other public mass shootings where someone with immediate access to a gun could and has made a difference.

13 thoughts on “The Media Darling”

  1. If you actually look at his social media history. He is a “I support Gun rights but” type person. Which isn’t the sea change being reported.

    1. Interesting! I was wondering if it really was the sea change it was being reported. That makes more sense actually.

  2. I don’t look at either musicians, actors, nor professional athletes for profound insight and intelligence on matters of public policy.

    1. In general, I don’t either.

      I only make exceptions when the person in question makes a well-reasoned argument based on thought and reason.

      The article this person wrote had some serious flaws in logic, among them being “but there were a dozen people around me who could do NOTHING to protect us!” While technically true, this doesn’t mean that concealed carry is useless. It just means that there are situations where concealed carry is useless.

      But this event does not justify the ending of concealed carry any more than the flying of airplanes into the World Trade Center justifies the ending of concealed carry, because people carrying guns concealed in the buildings were unable to stop the tragedy.

      Particularly since there are *still* plenty of scenarios where concealed carry is just the thing for saving lives!

  3. I feel sorry he changed his mind, but as someone who’s friend was murdered by a criminal with a gun, it didn’t change mine.

    Of course, how much are they reporting that Scalse mind wasn’t changed, after being shot? Not much. Its all about the narrative.

  4. Along with Caleb who?, I’ve never even heard of the Josh Abbott Band.

    I’m with Patrick Henry, the 2nd on this. I had an aunt that was murdered with a handgun by a guy that was infatuated with her. It didn’t change my dad’s mind (it was his sister) nor my mind.

    1. Yep. My first thought hearing this was these guys were gonna take advantage of the situation to enhance their profile and score a visit to Jimmy KimmelCobert

  5. Does this A$$Hat -Clown remember the name Suzanne Gratia-Hupp? SHE went though a shooting rampage (Luby’s Cafeteria, Killeen, Texas), her parents ( and others) were killed. Law at the time REQUIRED her to be defenseless, so her sidearm was secure, in the car they’d come in, out of her reach. She testified before Senators ( Schumer among them ) on how gun control kills the law abiding. The concert goers in Vegas were in a “Gun-Free” zone. See how they were made safe by that.

  6. If I had been caught in a shooting rampage?

    My first thought would be “Why the hell did I allow myself to be talked into going to an event venue what wouldn’t let me carry my CCW?”.

    My second thought would be “Where the hell is that fire coming from?”.

    And my third thought would be “I need to get me and mine out of this kill zone”.

    None of my thoughts would be whatever this canadian twinkie is thinking of.

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