Results of the NRA Board of Directors Election

In 2009, there were more eligible voting members of NRA than at any other time since I’ve started keeping detailed records of the votes. A total of 1,549,130 members were eligible either as life (or higher) members, or as consistent 5-year+ annual members. Here’s a breakdown based on a chart I posted earlier in the year that looks at whether or not NRA members really vote.

Year Ballots Cast Ballots Not Cast Ballots Sent
2006 79,227 1,468,502 1,547,729
2007 99,785 1,443,256 1,543,041
2008 94,361 1,452,174 1,546,535
2009 93,472 1,455,658 1,549,130

As you can see, there was a slight decline in the number of ballots cast even though more members were eligible to vote, leaving us with only 6% of the eligible members returning a ballot at all.


This matters because the difference between the “last winner” and the “first loser” was only 725 votes this year. If you really care about a candidate, your vote and those of your shooting buddies can make a difference. (Even if a candidate loses, how well they place in the “loser” category often determines if members will support them in the election of 76th director that takes place at the Annual Meeting.)

With all of that said, our endorsed candidates did very well given the number of “celebrity” names on the ballot this year. Ronnie Barrett came in third, Robert Brown in seventh, Scott Bach in twelfth, Edie Fleeman Reynolds in thirteenth, Steve Hornady in fifteenth, and Joe DeBergalis in eighteenth. In fact, all of our endorsed candidates outperformed the new NRA president (Ron Schmeits) who came in at 19 – in the bottom third of candidates. Two of the candidates even outperformed the now past president and next president.

But many may be wondering about the status of George Kollitides, the candidate I raised questions about during the election given his lack of involvement. leaders who endorsed him and came on to defend him appeared to be completely unaware that Kollitides wasn’t showing up for committee meetings. Well, he lost. In fact, he came in dead last – far beyond all of the other candidates.

“Losing” Candidates Vote Tallies Difference from
Previous Candidate
Donn DiBiasio* 61,188 725
Steven Schreiner 60,688 500
Robert Sanders** 59,561 1,127
Todd Walker 57,130 2,431
George Kollitides 49,855 7,275

*Another Board member resigned after ballots went out, so Donn fills his seat.
**Robert was elected at the 76th Director.

As you can see, the members really smacked Kollitides down in the election. As I mentioned to someone at the Meeting, I don’t think the whole buying advertising in American Rifleman went over very well – it came off as trying to buy a Board seat. Considering what we know about his attendance, there’s little he could fall back on to counter that claim. Add in the Chrysler bailout, and there’s suspicion about him which I don’t think is completely misplaced since he, according to industry sources, never does interviews. If he refuses to talk to NRA members and their main media outlets, then who is he accountable to in the course of his service? It’s a fair question. Clearly, the members don’t think he answered it.

In other news, I am a little surprised by the performance of two “celebrity” Board members. Richard Childress won the final seat on the board, and John Milius came in just two spots above him. I would have expected that NASCAR (Childress) and Red Dawn/Rome (Milius) would bring them more votes.

9 thoughts on “Results of the NRA Board of Directors Election”

  1. I never saw him, and my understanding based on conversations with others was that he was not going to be there.

    Now, to be fair, his committee wasn’t meeting. But, since it is the biggest meeting of the year, it’s just a tad important.

  2. heh.

    the people have spoken. Is it too early to nominate folks for next years ballot??? Specifically, why isn’t Bitter up for election???
    A young, well spoken woman who understand the industry is exactly what we need!!

  3. Heh. Fun thought, but I’d ask too many questions to make them comfortable. I wouldn’t mind reserving them for executive session in many cases, but I don’t think they’d like what I’d ask.

    As for next year’s ballot, I’ll see if I can find the 2007 winners who will be up again.

  4. Being from Connecticut, the fact that Kolkitides was from Connecticut contributed to me not voting for him.

  5. All,

    Just wanted to again thank each and every one of you that supported my campaign. I truly appreciate your support and look forward to serving you over the next three years….for those who didn’t cast their vote my way – I will continue to do everything in my power to earn that support and the trust of your vote.

    To all….I will also remain as open and transparent as possible to serve your needs and live up to my motto : “From Black Powder to Black Rifles….your candidate for the NRA Board.”

    In Freedom,


    Joseph P. DeBergalis, Jr.

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