Don’t Bring an Airsoft Gun to a Real Gun Fight

Looks like our local armed robbers showed up with Airsoft pistols. Fortunately, the customer showed up with a real one. The customer will not be charged, despite having an expired License to Carry. There is a six month grace period in Pennsylvania if your license is expired. No word on whether he fell into that period. Sheriffs are supposed to notify licensees of impending expiration, but not all do.

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  1. The article now says he had extended past the grace period by “months” and while they said they could have charged him for it, they opted not to due to the totality of the circumstances.

      1. I can only imagine the roller coaster that man has been riding. I did like that the DA gave him props as an upstanding member of society, business owner, etc., basically a good guy with a gun.

  2. Article quotes the DA:

    “”It was only months after his grace period for the renewal of that permit that ended,” Weintraub said.”

  3. I was impressed with the reporting and the official. Sounds like you have a pretty sensible DA in your neighborhood, Sebs.

    1. Yes. It would have been at best a misdemeanor, because he qualified for the permit. Plus, I don’t think our sheriff is always on top of notifying people their LTC is expiring like they are supposed to.

  4. From an intelligencer report CWP expired Aug/15 (copy/paste due to them throwing up a paywall pretty quick):

    “In addition to clearing the man of charges related to the shooting, Weintraub also said he would not charge the man for unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon. The DA said the man previously was licensed to possess a concealed firearm, but his permit expired in August 2015.

    Though the man was well outside the six-month grace period allowed for renewal under state law, Weintraub said his office exercised its discretion in deciding against charging the shooter. He said the man used his weapon “only to the extent he needed to save his own life.”

    Weintraub emphasized that the man should have renewed his permit and legally could have. He noted the man is a lifelong law-abiding citizen.

    “And yes,” he said, “you do get credit for that.” ”

    Glad Weintraub made the right call not to charge the victim for having an expired carry permit. And you are correct that in PA the sheriffs are supposed to mail out a reminder when their permit is up for renewal. Some of the fees charged are specifically for that purpose – yet Bucks County has not sent out reminders in years.

  5. I cannot agree. If you’re planning on a career as an armed felon, please use fake guns….

    Just don’t expect to vest in your pension.

  6. Expecting the families of the robbers to file wrongful death lawsuits against the customer, the restaurant, and anyone else they can think of in 3,2,1…because that’s just how screwed up the legal system is.

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