Dress Around the Gun

I’m glad to see other people speaking out against “Dress around the Gun.” Most of the time in the summer I’m pocket carrying a Ruger LCP with a Mitch Rosen Pocket Softy. Not because I think it’s ideal, but because the alternative would be not carrying a firearm. I don’t have the option of dressing like a hobo a lot of times.

I’ve been meaning to upgrade to a newer generation pocket pistol, like S&W’s Bodyguard, but I’ve been chronically short on disposable (well, really disposable) income for several years now. I’m happy to see Ruger fixed a lot of the problems with the LCP, such that it’s not just a P-3AT with better fit and finish. Competition is a wondrous thing.

In Hawaii, I shed the gun (not legal to carry in HI), spray, knife (legal in HI, but illegal in carry-ons), and bagged my flashlight instead of carrying it in my pocket. It was amazing how well my pants stayed up!

3 Responses to “Dress Around the Gun”

  1. Will says:

    They first started by banning the carry-on of blades with the additional saw edge, around ’98-99. It was termed an “intimidating blade”, or some such horseshit. The fact that a Gerber multi-tool with a straight blade and a full saw blade was ok, but a mixed edge was not, showed the idiocy of that.

    That blade ban sure helped a lot on Flight93. /sarq

    • Publius says:

      The 2A is about “arms,” which means it is not limited to guns (in theory). In practice, it will take at least another generation, if even then…

  2. Publius says:

    Sounds like a nice idea, but until I get a nonresident IL CCW it ain’t gonna happen.


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