Getting Hotter Than Heller Here

Again, we play the waiting game.

UPDATE: The Court is releasing opinions.

UPDATE: The Court just vacated the punative damages in the Exxon Valdez incident. “In Exxon, the judgment is vacated and remanded.   The Court divided depending on the issues.   The Court divided equally on whether maritime law permits punitives for the acts of agents (Alito not participating).   The Court deemed the punitives excessive based on maritime common law, holding the punitives should be equal to the compensatories.”

UPDATE: Kennedy v. Louisiana, the Court reversed and remanded a low courts upholding the death penalty for child rape. “The Kennedy v. LA decision holds that the death penalty for child rape is unconstitutional if the defendants’ acts were not intended to cause death.”

UPDATE: Interesting cases today, but I want Heller, dammit!

UPDATE: At least one more decision is coming.

UPDATE: Last opinion coming now.

UPDATE: Last case involved tribal law.  Damned Indians!  This must be revenge for us stealing their land.   No Heller today.

7 thoughts on “Getting Hotter Than Heller Here”

  1. It’s Absolutely, Positively, 100% Certainly going to be today!

    Unless it’s tomorrow.

  2. from SCOTUSblog:

    Ben Winograd – The Chief Justice has announced from the courtroom that the Court will issue all of its remaining opinions tomorrow at 10 a.m. Eastern.

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