Guns Kill Sign Appears Locally

Sebastian reports that someone has posted a “Guns Kill” sign on the PA Turnpike overpass for Bustleton Pike in Feasterville-Trevose, Pennsylvania. It just happens to be about a block away from a popular gun shop in the area.

It’s not clear if it’s a coordinated campaign yet, and Sebastian couldn’t get a picture of it since he passed it too quickly.

However, he did say that if some enterprising individual in the area happened to have a rainy Friday off, that a “Control” sign on the end of Gun could easily be added to make the statement far more factual. After all, we support truth in advertising.

8 Responses to “Guns Kill Sign Appears Locally”

  1. dwb says:

    speaking of guns killing signs, there has ben a real scarcity of Clinton signs. Campaign signs make useful backboards at the range, where my guns can kill them. I need Clinton supporters to be a wee bit more enthusiastic for a week I am running out.

  2. Whetherman says:

    I wouldn’t get too freaky about just one sign.

    I remember when “KKK” would be repainted frequently on local bridge abutments and tunnels back in the ’50s and ’60s, and the newspapers would get dutifully irate about it. Then there would be an occasional bed sheet sign hung from a local railroad tunnel.

    I knew it was the work of three or four young guys, who were doing it more for a hoot than for ideological reasons. Two of them got busted for burning a cross at the steel mill gate at shift change one night, and making the mistake of hanging around to watch what would happen.

    It was very embarrassing for their affluent parents.

  3. anst says:

    Mine must be defective.

  4. jfhg says:

    Less white people = more murder, period. Look at this data, straight from the FBI:

  5. Wow! Guns kill. I would never have guessed. Nor would anyone else, I suspect.

  6. Guns kill people? No, people kill people. Have you ever seen a gun pick itself up and shoot someone without a person behind it?

  7. Jessica Roth says:

    This is the biggest lie of all time. People kill people, whether its guns, swords or rocks.