Red Meat for their Respective Bases

I watched the debate last night, despite there not being enough booze in the world to get through that. Pass the Brawndo. I call it a draw, with the real loser being the American People. I think Trump’s base got a lot of red meat from Trump with his trade protectionism and good old fashioned “law & order” talk, and Hillary’s base got red meat both from her, and from plenty of Trump hate. Glenn Reynolds I think summed up my sentiment best:

Honestly, the bar was set so low that both cleared it: Trump didn’t throw anything, and she didn’t cough up blood. Happy 2016!

8 thoughts on “Red Meat for their Respective Bases”

  1. Not sure what the point of holding a joint campaign rally and calling it a debate was.

  2. I quit watching after the first 5 minutes because it was rather obvious that Holt was in hillarys court. The Baseball game was a much better choice of my time.

  3. I’m sure both bases had to wait for their respective media to tell them who won, and why, and how.

    Both should have expected that. Since the mass media can and does steamroll Trump’s media, Trump would do well to cancel the remaining debates, because the same thing will happen again.

  4. How do you feel about Trump promising to take away people’s guns? (Sure, he’s only going to take away the bad people’s guns…)

    1. He won’t because it’s not important to him.

      What he did was marginalize the issue. No bill will get to his hands in this House. He won’t push it.

      Keeping guns away from people on the “terror watch list” sounds great to 90% of the dolts out there because they think it is an actual list of known terrorists. You can spend the next five weeks explaining that, “no, really…it’s more than terrorists and there’s this conspiracy to deny rights to anyone they don’t agree with, and…blah, blah, blah” or you can just say, “yeah, no guns for terrorists” and take away a point the other team could score. Going that level of deep dive on the issue is a waste right now. Save the nuance for after we take the Oval Office.

      I don’t put a lot of stock into Trump’s ability to plan long-term, but I know he’s pretty good at seeing a losing cause and chucking it. Now if he could only realize when his defensiveness is the losing cause…

  5. Hillary won on style, preparation and professional demeanor. Trump did great on economy, jobs and marginally OK on social issues (he overdid the ‘every black person lives in a ghetto’ thing). He waded through the gun thing fine – took away one of her shouting points and marginalized it for the rest of the campaign.

    But he blew everything else, and it outweighed his strengths. He was a hot mess.

    About halfway through Trump got hot and eventually went full dumpster fire. My wife volunteers for his campaign and was laughing as the guy practically yelled, “I do have the temperament to be president!!!”

    He went full throttle on Holt for – of all things – something he said to Howard Stern a decade ago. Words nobody cares about. He wasted nearly four minutes sounding like Alex Jones while shouting “Hannity! Stern!”

    He was aimless in the backend of that debate. No plan for ISIS? Really? He doesn’t have to draw a tactical map. Just say, “target their oil revenues, threaten sanctions for those who give them money, and use military force when required to protect US interests.”

    That’s not hard. It even opens the door to pointing out that Obama hasn’t done shit to stop the oil revenues (Trump brought it up, but you couldn’t make heads or tails of his rambling).

    Trump’s biggest weakness is Trump. Meaning if you attack Trump, trump goes into fetal defensive position and does nothing but defend himself. You cannot win a game, a fight, a war or a debate unless you score points and you won’t score if you don’t even try. Trump was 50% defense, 25% offense and 25% “WTF” that night.

    I woke up amazed people thought he did well. I don’t think so. I think those polls are going to reverse.

    He better get his head out of his ass, and get some help. Studying is not just for the nerds – it’s for winners.

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