But I Thought Gun Control Was a Winning Issue?

The Boston Heard thinks that Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healy shot “shot the Dems in the foot” with her new autocratic “Assault Weapons” Ban. But how can that be? Hillary and Obama think gun control is a winning issue. So much so that Hillary has chosen to make it a centerpiece of her campaign.

Nonetheless, in deep blue Massachusetts, she finds herself in the middle of a backlash, even from liberal members of her own party. Gun bans have never been popular, no matter how much they want to delude themselves that they are. I keep saying the worst thing the Dems and gun control movement could do to us is to drop the assault weapons issue entirely, repeal all the state bans, and push hard on issues that sound reasonable to the uninitiated, but actually quietly nibble away at our political power. Bloomberg almost seems to get it, and that’s why he worries me.

Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit, who notes: “Punch back twice as hard, as a famous man says.

8 thoughts on “But I Thought Gun Control Was a Winning Issue?”

  1. The left thinks gun control is a winner, while our side has always believed that hitching our wagon to quasi-fascist, authoritarian right wing loons was a winning formula.

    Only time will tell who was more suicidally wrong. I guess it will depend on who tips their stool first.

    1. Why do you attribute quasi-fascist authoritarian lunacy to the right? Unless you think Obama is a right-winger?

  2. Virtue Signalling has fallout. Film at Eleven, narrated by Capt Renault.

  3. Bloomberg is throwing everything at the wall, and seeing what will stick.

    Remember Mark Herring and Verginia reciprocity? That was all a act of tribute for the Bloomberg money.

    Healey was meeting with Bloomberg the week before this went down.

    I really think she’s just doing the bare minimum until it’s time for her next political step.

    She claims she isn’t running for Governor. She might be expecting a Federal position with Hillary, or she’s planning on running for a different office with some fat bloomberg cash.

  4. But gun control *is* a winning issue in MA. I’ll believe it’s not if and when we elect a non gun-grabbing AG. The AG’s office has been a thorn in the side of gun owners in MA for decades. They greatly limit the handguns available via MA dealers, and threaten anyone who ships ammo or components to MA residents.

  5. Generally speaking, on for a 50-state strategy, gun control is a loser. But yeah, depending on which state, it may sometimes be at least an issue that sparks no repercussions… such as in California. I seriously doubt any state legislator that voted for any of the gunmaggedon bills will face serious consequences for passing those atrocities. Sad, but the reality of my state.

    1. My state of Connecticut is close behind. Everyone I voted for lost. My US senators, congressman, governor, attorney general, and state senator could not be more anti-gunowner. And Ruger and the NSSF are right here.

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