5 thoughts on “Seen on the Internets”

  1. Those on the left who think merely being “investigated by the FBI” should be sufficient grounds for denial of rights must be suppressing memories of their own recent-enough history. Doesn’t anyone remember what the FBI, during the tenure of J. Edgar Hoover, did with people like Martin Luther King and other dissidents of the era, who are now widely lauded as having been national heroes? Does no one remember COINTELPRO, or the FBI murders of dissidents, for which no one was ever held accountable?

    Does anyone believe those days cannot return — that is, if they ever really went away?

    1. I have a friend, tech guy who was easily described as a nutty leftist. Moved to San Francisco, where he remains. He commented something on FB about banning “assault weapons” etc, and I was heartened that a good number of his quite obviously lefty friends said “Ban guns, are you kidding? What if Trump wins!

  2. “Ban guns, are you kidding? What if Trump wins!“

    People after my own heart!

    Not to turn this too pedantic, but I recognized many years ago that despite the stereotypes of the “effete liberal,” most of the effective guerrilla fighters of the past century have been leftists. The best books on guerrilla tactics on the Army library bookshelves in my day had all been written by leftists.

  3. A slight change, it should read, “The same way she can get a nuclear codes while being investigated by the FBI”.

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