UN Internet Treaty Opposition

Several Congress Critters have introduced a bill to help force the UN to keep it’s grubby hands off our Internets. Now if only we could get similar bipartisan support for getting Congress to keep its grubby hands off our Internets.

3 Responses to “UN Internet Treaty Opposition”

  1. I’m going to assume that last sentence should read, “Congress to keep its grubby hands off our Internets guns.”

    And yeah, I wish that too…

    • Jake says:

      I think both versions are appropriate.

      • Yeah I caught on to what he was saying after I wrote that comment. I was thinking about the UN Arms treaty. It’d be nice if someone would extend a middle digit on that one too…

        I just wish congress and the UN would head out back and do us all a favor, I know that would never happen though… :(