The Wronged Are Coming Out of the Woodwork

Yellow Journalism AheadFollowing up on the Katie Couric and HBO fiasco, yet another Second Amendment activist is accusing the media of warping their words. In this case, words were twisted by the New York Times to make it seem like said activist was pro-registration. Of course the Times piece in question is a great example of Propaganda masquerading as journalism in and of itself. It’s worth noting that to whatever extent the National Firearms Act is “gun control that actually works,” it still lead to a ban 52 years later, so the New York Times can go to hell when it comes to their proposal to expand the NFA. If anything, we’re going to drive in the opposite direction.

Remember, the press has a narrative it’s trying to drive. If you don’t talk to them at all, which is what I recommend, you don’t risk becoming part of that narrative. If you do, against all better sense, decide to talk to Propagandists for the other side, record everything, and call them out when they twist your words. There’s plenty of friendly news outlets these days that will eat that stuff up.

3 thoughts on “The Wronged Are Coming Out of the Woodwork”

  1. Jeff Folloder is not a pro-gun activist, although he likes to think he is.

    He’s the guy we have to thank for ATF Rule 41F, as well as that new nonsense ATF is pushing to further regulate silencer markings.

    NFATCA, and the people associated with it should be excommunicated and shunned for their actions.

  2. Over the years I noticed that if there was a “typo” in my letters-to-the-editor or Op/Ed columns, which occurred frequently, they would never occur in some neutral verbiage, but always in a way that would slaughter, garble, or reverse the meanings of my main points.

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