“Philadelphia Up To Its Old Tricks”

The quote in the title is from NRA Pennsylvania State Liaison John Hohenwarter, in an Inquirer article about Philadelphia’s new “gun safety” bills. Any time the media promotes the other side’s preferred terms like “gun safety” they cease to be journalists and instead make themselves propagandists. The bill in question is a “safe storage” law that is a middle finger raised directly at the Heller decision. But as we saw with the Jackson case, the Supreme Court is unwilling to enforce this provision of Heller, even while Justice Scalia was still alive.

John Hohenwarter is right though. The City can pass all the ordinances it would like, but it can’t enforce them. That would raise standing and allow us to defeat the ordinance. Eventually we’ll get enhanced preemption once again, where we don’t have to wait for enforcement. It may take another eight years, but eventually we’ll get it.

7 Responses to ““Philadelphia Up To Its Old Tricks””

  1. John Biros says:

    So much for Preemption. Hasn’t Phila. been taken to court over the same things before?

    • Sebastian says:

      Yes, and when we’ve had standing, we generally prevail. But someone has to be prosecuted for there to be standing.

  2. Ian Argent says:

    Greengrocer’s apostrophe cannot be unseen.

  3. Patrick Henry, the 2nd says:

    Maybe if we didn’t have the laziest legislature this side of the Mississippi we’d already have it.

  4. Scott says:

    I live in Philly now, but have no children so it would seem that this law doesn’t apply to me. I would be willing to be a test case though if need be.

    Btw, don’t agree there is an epidemic of shootings in Philadelphia. There does seem to be an epidemic of hit and runs though….

  5. NOG says:

    I see an error.

    ” they cease to be journalists and instead make themselves propagandists.”

    They are not journalists. Never have been. They are state controlled lap dogs. They cannot think critically. They are useful puppets of the powerful only, and too stupid to understand their role. NOG