Wishing Everyone a Nice Holiday Weekend

I’ve never liked saying Happy Memorial Day, but I do hope you all get to enjoy some time with family and friends. Summer here officially started (weather wise) Thursday. I guess we don’t get a spring. But there are upsides:

BBQ Memorial Day Weekend 2016

It’s hard to find good Q up here in yankeeland, so I have to make it myself. An 8lb Boston Butt for pulled pork either tonight or tomorrow (depending on when it gets finished), and some armadillo eggs to tide us over until the butt is ready.

2 thoughts on “Wishing Everyone a Nice Holiday Weekend”

    1. They were good. I notice recipes that use more seasoning for the stuffing. I’d recommend that. Definitely worth experimenting with, as the basic favors are good. I’m thinking of trying a variation and calling it dinosaur eggs, and use a stuffed poblano pepper.

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