Rally in Harrisburg Tomorrow

Bitter and I will be attending the rally in Harrisburg tomorrow, which begins on the capitol rotunda at 10:00, and we’re planning to be there between 9 and 9:30.  That means leaving Bucks County at the butt crack of dawn.

Just got back from the indoor air pistol silhouette match.  Shot my class both times.  25 and 28, out of 40.  I won’t complain.  Bitter’s slow cooker pulled pork and my beans went over well.  Actually, she made the beans too, but it was my recipe.  Work was busy as hell clearing my plate so I can take tomorrow off.  I’m a bit exhausted, actually, and things won’t slow down, really, until the weekend.  Even then, I might go to the Langhorne Practical Match on Saturday, and Sunday is CMP at my club.  That means firing up the reloading press.  A precision component to the Langhorne match probably means shooting at 200 yards.  I’d prefer my own load for that.