Legal Hunting Targeted by Facebook

Facebook locked the admins of a hunting-related page out of putting up new content after they pulled down a perfectly normal hunting photo that didn’t violate any laws or guidelines and claimed that it does not meet community standards.

One of the biggest hurdles Facebook has is not only growing their audience, but keeping the audience it has. Banning perfectly legal photos & pages just because their California staffers don’t like an outdoor tradition seems like it could easily send users running for other social media outlets.

6 thoughts on “Legal Hunting Targeted by Facebook”

  1. Funny. For years I’ve been thinking about how much the internet has grown the marketplace of ideas, allowing everyone to blog and communicate and get a voice. Particularly since most MSM has become partisan once again (which is honestly how they started out in the days of 3 or more newspapers per town).

    But now that we’ve all begun channeling most of our communications via some private venues that choose to edit and monitor and block what we are saying … well, it’s just unfortunate so many are allowing what they see to be limited.

  2. Facebook and Google are creepy enough that I use Ghostery to block their trackers (the “like” and “share” buttons) that are ubiquitous across web pages all over the Internet.

  3. Maybe I should join so I can boycott! Naw, I’ll refrain. Intend to go to my grave with nary a tween nor facebook whatever to my name.

  4. Honestly, that picture bothers me a bit; it makes me think “abused bear”.
    which is ridiculous, I’ll admit….while I’ve never gone Bear hunting, I do find them quite tasty. I guess it’s the expression and blood on the bears face?

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