Weekly Gun News – Edition 31


Happy Friday, and welcome to another issue of gun news. Even in slow weeks, there’s usually a lot of stuff that’s news, some of it is even interesting, but I just don’t have much to add. I don’t want the blog to go all Instapundit, or to bogart SayUncle’s style, but I do worry that some news gets stale by the time it ends up here. Here’s some hopefully not too terribly stale news:

Idaho now has a constitutional carry bill on the Governor’s desk. I’m not popping any champaign corks yet. Even Republican governors have vetoed these bills. If you live there, I’d call.

Now that Chris Christie is out of the race, this guy is probably screwed. Careful when you leave America.

The LA Times does a profile piece on NRA News’s Cam Edwards.

No anti-Second Amendment litmus test for Sander’s nominee for SCOTUS.

Long term, hunting is doomed if hunters don’t stop this shit.

Also, in Iowa, a silencer legalization bill hits the Governor’s desk.

Shocker: “the study has proven so flawed that the most influential members of the anti-gun research community have been forced to denounce it; lest the public realize the larger problems attendant to the entire field of study.”

Church joins fight for Nevada gun control ballot initiative. You know, if Churches are going to do this, maybe they should lose their tax exemption.

Well, the Supreme Court’s new stun gun case should have put an end to this argument: “Mark Hamill: You Have the Right to Bear Muskets, Only Muskets.

I wouldn’t let this happen without a protest if I were a Michigan gun rights activist.

This gun control bill has gone down to defeat in Tennessee. Miguel explains why it was such a bad one.

As a famous gun blogger likes to say: Like you and me, only better.

Remember, they are just peace loving people who want to save lives!

Eugene Volokh comments on Caetano.

I don’t know if this is NRA trolling, or it’s meant to be serious. If it’s trolling, kudos. It’s upsetting the hand wringers.

Should you put slogans on your AR?

They have to believe it’s about the money, because otherwise instead of fighting evil corporations, they are working to take away something important to their fellow citizens, which would make them horrible people, rather than heroes, and they want to think themselves heroes.

John Farnam on Open Carry.

Really, a decent holster or lockbox isn’t that expensive. lawyers are much more expensive: Charges have been filed against Jamie Gilt, the Florida mother who was shot by her 4 year old.

Blue on blue: Obama attacked from the left for being the best arms salesman ever.

Off Topic:

Remember, Republicans only believe in federalism when it benefits the opposition’s pet projects. They are fine with destroying federalism when it benefits their pet projects, like pandering to some good old fashioned law-and-order populism.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Gun News – Edition 31”

  1. I hate to say it, but if we want “enforce the current law” to be A Slogan, that means charging “victims” of negligent discharges for their negligence.
    (In re the Jamie Gilt case)

  2. When I went exploring the CDC’s Underlying Cause of Death database a few months ago, I found that a majority of deaths by firearms were suicides, only about 15% of firearms deaths are from assaults. So to achieve a 90% reduction in firearms deaths they’d have to significantly reduce suicide by firearms. I have trouble believing that their proposed solution would make such a significant dent, and I suspect most of any reduction would be by substitution: people would select some other approach to suicide.

    Ok, I was curious what method was popular in countries with very strict gun control. In Japan, it looks like suicide by hanging is the most popular. Japan’s suicide rate is almost twice as high as the US’s firearms death rate.

  3. Just a couple of thoughts: on the Say Uncle post about slogans, someone brought up “Punisher” plates for their gun, asking “Who would do that?” If comments hadn’t already been closed, I would have pointed out that even if someone is afraid that something like that may be used against them in a self-defense case, such a person might still want to put such plates on a gun designed for competition, that was never meant to be used used in self defense.

    With regards to Federalism: the hypocrisy is a two-way street. Democrats will defend Federal Power until it’s their ox being gored, and then they’ll preach the virtues of Federalism till the cows come home.

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