The Cradle and Grave of Liberty

Minute Man

Without apparently any sense of irony, a busybody in Lexington, MA is pushing the town to enact a sweeping gun ban. I guess in the end, General Gage wins. The yankees have gone and disarmed themselves! At the very place where eight patriots gave their lives trying to prevent exactly what this naive man wants to do. Fortunately, there is at least some sense left in Lexington:

Many of the approximately 30 who spoke in opposition to the proposed ban mentioned Lexington’s history at the dawn of the American Revolution, saying the community that has a Minuteman holding a rifle on its town green should not be the place leading the charge to toughen weapons laws.

There’s no legacy or patriot grave these people wouldn’t piss all over to accomplish their gun free utopia. They have no concern for the history and traditions of this country at all.

5 thoughts on “The Cradle and Grave of Liberty”

  1. They are certainly not interested in history written in the blood of dead white men.

    1. Nope. Only in that written in the blood of dead black thugs shot in self-defense by still-living white men.

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