Official State Firearm of Pennsylvania

There’s a move afoot to designate an official state firearm for Pennsylvania. What would it be? The Pennsylvania rifle, of course. From Sen. Richard Alloway:

I plan on introducing legislation that would designate the Pennsylvania Rifle as the official firearm of the Commonwealth.

The Pennsylvania Rifle played a vital role in the development of firearms in the 18th century and is considered the first truly American firearm.

Developed by gunsmiths in Northampton and Lancaster counties, the Pennsylvania Rifle was a long-barreled rifle that differed from any other type of firearm in existence. It was lauded not only for its exceptional accuracy and range, but also for its unique beauty and craftsmanship.

Upon its development, the Pennsylvania Rifle was widely used by frontiersman during the American fur trade and was an important tool of survival as our ancestors traveled west and south to discovered new lands.

Given the appreciation for firearms among many Pennsylvanians, I believe that it is time for the Commonwealth to acknowledge the significant heritage of the Pennsylvania Rifle.

It is my hope that designating the Pennsylvania Rifle as the Commonwealth’s official firearm will help our citizens to be aware of the substantial role that this rifle has played in the Commonwealth’s gun making traditions and in the development of America.

The Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission features a write-up on the history of the Pennsylvania rifle.

If your state doesn’t already have an official state firearm, what firearm would you pick for your state and why is that your top choice?

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    1. Beat me to it. I’m pretty sure Oregon doesn’t have one, but that’s probably a More Awesomer choice than the Kimber that Archer mentions.

      (If only because while the 82 was made in Oregon, it was – as far as the Internet can tell me – made for the Army and never sold to civilians until it was surplus’d out via CMP.

      The Oregon Trail is a Big Thing here. Go dysentery?)

  1. Utah was the first state to do it. In 2011, Utah adopted the 1911, seeing as how John M. Browning (PBUH) was born in Ogden, UT.

  2. Kimber of Oregon, model 82, in .22LR.

    It was designed and produced back when Kimber America was still Kimber of Oregon – before they were liquidated in the mid-1990s – and is reputed to be quite accurate.

  3. Since I’m in New Jersey I’d nominate the Nerf Gun. It’s about the only gun we’re allowed to have.

  4. Suggestions-

    Texas- The Walker Dragoon or Colt Patterson, makes little difference.

    Wisconsin- The Springfield Rifle Musket for The Iron Brigade during the Civil War.

    Massachusetts- The M1 Garand for the Springfield Armory being located there

    California- The Colt SAA or Winchester 94 for the influence of Hollywood on our conception of the American West

    North Carolina- The M1 Carbine, birthplace (and incarceration site) of Carbine Williams.

    Indiana- AR-15, birthplace of Eugene Stoner

    Tennesee- Barrett M82, home of Barrett firearms

    1. I’d go with the Springfield Trapdoor for Mass.

      Plus that’s a gun EVERY Massachusetts resident has a right to own….too bad they can’t own the ammo without paying $100 fee, $50 Bribe, and taking a $300 training course and waiting 6 months….

  5. For Ohio I suggest the M4. My father was manager of TRW, in Cleveland, in the 70’s when they made shit tons of these. Now if we could just get the government to release them to the CMP…

  6. The Pennsylvania Long Rifle.

    Historians can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it was the first distinctly American firearm, and despite having features derived primarily (?) from German rifles, was also substantially unique in design.

    Gunsmithing and the production of them was also arguably one of the first skilled industrial crafts practiced in North America.

    1. I wouldn’t say “one of the first skilled industrial crafts” but a very important one, that’s for sure. I have the guts of a book that I need to write about how gun manufacturing and federal musket contracts created the vertical mill.

  7. I say for Pennsylvania, we use the Pennsylvania Long Rifle. Other candidates would be the 1863 Bridesburg Musket, the M1917 American Enfield made at Eddystone, or the Mk. VII, 16 Inch Naval Gun used for battleships built at the Philadelphia Naval Yard.

    1. I’m not sure how you can leave that fact here and not expect me to take a trip to the cemetery during the NRA meeting. Now that I’m into genealogy, I have a new appreciation for cemeteries. Interestingly, when I went searching for a map of the cemetery, the cemetery actually features him as a notable burial, an honor also shared with a president and three vice presidents.

  8. Michigan: probably a Marlin lever-action in .30-30, sometimes called the “Michigan deer gun”.

    At least, the guys who introduced me to hunting called it that.

    Not manufactured in Michigan (to my knowledge), but widely used there.

    1. On that basis, I might nominate for first runner-up in PA, the Marlin 336 or Remington 760 in .35 Remington. There was a time when this region was probably the concentrated area of highest popularity of that caliber. I’ve never owned a rifle in that caliber, but I have a fair quantity of .35 Remington brass I scroffed up on our club’s annual “Sighting In” days, because I couldn’t bear to see it thrown away. There was a time when easily a third or more of the rifles the public showed up with were in that caliber.

  9. Connecticut – Colt Revolving Pistol, I’d have to say is a lock in. But darn, how many other great guns could be put forth. Though I could also see Winchester Repeating Rifle. Maybe Colt Revolving Pistol for handgun and Winchester for rifle. Though can’t neglect Eli Whitney.

    California – AR15 (just so fitting)

    Tennessee – Barret 50 BMG

    New Jersey – Paterson Revolver

    This one would of course be Washington DC’s.

  10. Not sure if it passed but a resolution was entered a few years back to name the pre-64 Model 70 in .30-06 the official firearm for Alaska.

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