How Gun Control Supporting is Your District?

John Richardson points to an interesting map showing support for gun control. It looks to me done by congressional district. Looking at the source, I’m doubtful this is a scientific poll, because the participants are self-selected, but I like how they broke down the data in this manner:

Gun Control Support Map

My district (8th) is a big greenish, so about split, but 6th and 7th district are a lot more yellow than I’d like them to be. That’s not necessarily disaster, however.

As it stands now, all those district are represented by Republicans, two of which (Fitzpatrick & Meehan) are soft on the gun issue, but 6th (Costello) is more solid. An intensity gap can make up for an unfavorable public viewpoint, but I’ve found gun owners in Southeastern Pennsylvania are largely apathetic about protecting the right for themselves and future generations. That’s not everybody. There are people here definitely willing to stand up and be counted, but not nearly enough given how many gun owners live here and what we’re up against. To some degree we’ve always free-ridden on the work of Western Pennsylvanians. But that will end as that part of the state depopulates.

9 thoughts on “How Gun Control Supporting is Your District?”

  1. Who is this contingency that actually lives in southern Lake Michigan that wants all this gun control? Is this an armada of boat owners who have little use for self defense?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. It’s all the trapped prisoners on the island in Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files books.

  2. Very. Queens NY…nuff said, but i’ll add my neighbors will be anti anything as long as the free stuff keeps rolling in.

  3. I’m not convinced the map is very scientific either. The divide across the Mason Dixon line is substantial on paper, but judging by how many Marylanders I run into that want to leave the armpit of America, I find it hard to believe the difference is so substantial against PA. Bolstering this argument is the MD panhandle, which is so far removed from ‘downstate’ they’ve tried to secede, multiple times, and become part of WV. That area really should be dark blue!

  4. Sadly I live in a solidly green area. The fight to protect the 2nd Amendment is never ending.

  5. Not accurate from what I see. Utah showing roughly a 60/40 split even outside of Salt Lake City? that ~40% for gun control must be hiding real well. I know many are indifferent or just do not own firearms. But I have met a handful of people in years of business. that “do not care for guns”.

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