DC Anti-Gun Programs

Thirdpower has a post detailing a fairly disturbing program that will be run in DC, that includes deputization of DC police as federal agents

Some days, the unit will employ “high-intensity traffic stops,” pulling over cars for minor offenses to try to establish probable cause to search vehicles. Officers also will use informants to help them secure search warrants for suspected gun holders.

Employ “high-intensity traffic stops?”  I’d rather call it by its real name. “high-intensity crapping on the fourth amendment.”

2 thoughts on “DC Anti-Gun Programs”

  1. My understanding of this is that it is illegal. In order for DC cops to cross borders, they would have to quit their jobs and be HIRED by ATF. If DC is still paying their wages, then they are bound to enforcing the law within the DC city limits.

    But as far as the law goes, the ATF don’t care much….be sure and click the link “official letter” and see how much they care.


  2. A BATFE agent cannot make a traffic stop.

    If a DC cop that is deputized into a federal agent pulls you over outside of DC, demand that the cop gets a local cop to make the traffic stop.

    You do not have to volunteer to be stopped by a cop without jurisdiction … and they will claim you volunteered if you don’t refuse to cooperate.

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