Has Alan Gottlieb Bugged My Phone?

It was a few weeks ago, when we heard about Bloomberg taking gun control on the road, I mentioned to Bitter on the way home from work that a gun rights group ought to hire a billboard truck to follow Bloomberg’s around with a counter message. We even went so far as to suggest that SAF would be the ideal group to do this kind of thing.

Well, looks like that’s happening now. It’s an obvious countermeasure, so I’m glad to see them doing it. The second part of the idea was hiring two trucks just in case Bloomberg’s driver is good at losing a tail.

I also think SAF needs its own dirigible to fly over the skies of Manhattan, taunting Mayor Bloomberg. I’m mostly kidding about that one, but our movement could use an air force, don’t you think?

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11 thoughts on “Has Alan Gottlieb Bugged My Phone?”

  1. Just donated 100 bucks the CCRKA truck a couple nights ago. That should fill the tank at least once! :) Anybody know how to find out when and where the death truck will be?

  2. Could you imagine the PSH that a “Guns Save Lives” blimp would cause? Maybe with a Oleg Volk poster painted on it.

    The Second Amendment Air Force could cover local sporting events for smaller TV stations, or maybe traffic reports!

    “There’s a nasty accident tying up to Orange Expressway, we go live to the Chip in the Second Amendment Air Force’s blimp Freedom One for live video.”

    “Thanks Martha, we are above the 3 car pileup on the Orange Expressway. State Police have reported one fatality and 5 injuries, proving once again that a person is much more likely to be killed or injured by the ordinary family car than by a firearm.

    We recommend that since the left two lanes are blocked, you bypass the area using the Green Expressway, and that you take the time this week to apply for your concealed carry license. We’re working hard to bring Constitutional Carry to your State, but in the meantime, get your license.

    State Police say that they will likely have the road cleared within the next two hours, but slowdowns will continue for at least an hour beyond that point. So, are you still planning on coming out to our Second Amendment Foundation fundraiser shoot at Bob’s Gun Shop and Range, Martha?”

    “Of course I am, Chip, I’ve always wanted to shoot a Thompson submachine gun. Thanks for your report.

    And now to Jim for the weather report. Jim, how’s the wind speed? I don’t want to wind to kick up too much and make Chip’s life too difficult up there. He’s promised to take me to the range on Saturday…”

  3. It would be interesting to watch NYC try (and probably succeed) in shutting down such a blimp:

    Where Freedom of Expression Runs Headlong Into the Impulse to Censor
    By CLYDE HABERMAN 2-28-11 NY Times

    New York, never at a loss for self-congratulatory words, regards itself as the most tolerant of cities, a place where one may express any thought freely. It is true. In New York, one may articulate any idea whatsoever — as long as that idea parallels popular opinion. Stray too far from generally accepted wisdom, though, and you are asking for trouble.


  4. I’m only in favor of a 2A Air Force if it includes A10 Warthog tankbusters with a mandate to strafe downtown Boston, Seattle, Chicago, NYC etc.

  5. It’s probably just as tough to get a blimp permit as it is a gun permit in NYC.

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