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It’s long past time we disassociated Ted Nugent from the NRA by not voting for him for Board. He went off the deep end long ago, and this aging rocker is long past his expiration date as being useful to the cause. Aging, angry boomers are this issue’s past, not its future.

How can you take his statement as being anything other than being anti-semitic? Is that what he’s saying? Because if it’s not he damned well implies it. The international jewish conspiracy is behind gun control? I know more than a few jews who must not be part of the conspiracy then.

I won’t often issue a non-endorsement for the Board, but he needs to go, and the nominating committee should be ashamed of themselves if they keep nominating him. I get that he could probably win by petition, but let him do it. Every endorsement by him of the nominating committee is just another punch in the face by people who want this to be an inclusive movement.

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  1. I get that he could probably win by petition, but if he wants to keep his seat, make him do it.


    Wow. Alan Dershowitz is on the list? Everything I’ve read on/from him is fairly neutral on firearms policy. And for many/most of those people (Rahm, Feinstein, Boxer, Gross, and Nacheman, especially), I’d need to witness them worshiping in a Temple and reciting a Hebrew prayer before I’d believe they’re actually Jews.

    As Wikipedia says, “[citation needed]”, Ted.

    1. He’s been an honest gun control guy, as far as saying that most gun control isn’t legal as long as the second amendment is in the constitution.

  2. That you dislike him actually makes me like Uncle Ted more :-P

    I have a neighbor and very good friend who is Jewish, and bet he would damn well agree with the post. pointing out this hypocrisy is legit.

    Good for Nuge!

    1. No, that post is a straight up anti-jewish post. Sebastian’s pointed out the hypocrisy of many anti-gun politicians without ever having to mention their religion. No one would ever expect to see people pointing to Pelosi’s nominal Catholicism as why she’s anti-gun. Why should it matter if they’re Jewish when the defining similarity is them being Progressives?

      The little Israel flags, and the listing of Dershowitz as an Israel-Firster and Bloomberg as a 9/11 Israel agent (which is straight up 9/11 truther bullshit) make this explict antisemitic bullshit.

      Fuck That.

      1. To add on to that point about Jewish =/= anti gun.
        Do you like the Heller and McDonald Supreme Court rulings?

        Thank the lead lawyer on the case, Israel-born Alan Gura.

      2. WTF? Pelosi’s Catholicism is mentioned just about every time I read about her pro-abortion hypocrisy in conservative sources.

        1. Sure, because it is a central point of doctrine for the church, but not with her and her anti-gun views.

      1. If Nugent were saying this in the context of “Why do so many Jewish people support gun control when historically they have every reason to oppose it?”, I could maybe, MAYBE, understand his post a little bit. But he doesn’t appear to be doing that, so, no, this was not a good thing for Nugent to do.

    2. He knows exactly what he’s saying with that post. This was his highest ranked comment, made by him, under the post:

      “NEVER AGAIN mthrfkrs!”

    1. It’s up to the NRA Board’s nominating committee, which I do believe has to have actual members on it. But they get to decide. Not much you can do. In theory you influence this through Board elections.

  3. Nugent really screwed the pooch on this. He could have made a great point, by showing that these phoney-Jews are selling out their religion and fellow believers, by pointing out the hypocrisy in their views (and not just on gun control), but instead he went full retard with the anti-Semitic route.

    More reason to ignore entertainers when they spew about anything other than entertaining. They know as much as anybody about politics, economics, global warming, or the effects of ethanol subsidies on the price of farmland in Iowa. That is to say, not very much. STFU dancing monkey, and get back in your box.

  4. OK, so if he is out, who do we get to be an equally loud, visible, fearless, persistent public voice for us that gets exposure outside of our own publications and cohort?

    1. I don’t know. But I’d rather have no one than Nugent at this point. I’ve never been a fan of his, but in the past I’ve accepted that he was good at reaching people who otherwise may not be engaged in the issue. But lately he’s just a liability.

      1. Also, “exposure” is only good if it’s positive.

        I cannot imagine anyone not already on our side that’d take Nugent’s blatherings as a positive association.

        (And many already on our side are so despite him; the man’s a tool who should stick to guitaring.)

    2. We could get Fluttershy on tranquilizers and still come out better than Nugent. I’d rather have no exposure than this.

  5. I was never as fan of his as a board member since I learned that Ted would never promote the NRA or even allow his concert footage to be used by the NRA unless the NRA wrote him a check. What kind of “support” is that?

    1. “Support for Ted Nugent.” That kind of support.

      When someone is on the Board of Directors of any organization, I expect them to behave and act in the best interests of that organization. If that person acts in the best interests of him/her self or otherwise at the detriment of the organization, he/she is no longer an asset; he/she is a liability.

  6. Ted is so shortsighted. We Jews also control the pro-gun side of the issue. If it wasn’t for Alan Gura and Alan Gottlieb’s success in the courts, there would be no Heller or McDonald precedent to talk about. If Ted truly understood the global Jewish conspiracy, he’d know that we rule both side of every coin. Why would we leave any potential revenue stream for the goys to exploit? Amateur.

  7. I’ve actually met and shook hands with Ted Nugent at a book signing/speaking presentation he gave years ago. He’s the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.

    I met him when he spoke in the heart of liberal-land, Cook County; specifically Evanston Illinois. Most of the crowd just showed up to heckle him for being right-wing, but he took it all with patience, good humor and aplomb. It was impressive.

    1. I’ve also heard him when he’s been impressive. But lately he’s been sloppy and offensive, and not in the PC kind of way, in the angry old bastard kind of way.

  8. An old Jewish friend once said when faced with a bunch of this crap:
    “If there is an international Jewish conspiracy, where do I sign up?”

    Reading the comments below Nugent’s is instructive. Good to know I am still hated for where my forefathers are from, rather than anything I’ve ever done or stood for. Some of those people aspire to be mouth breathers.

  9. If NRA wants to be rid of him all they have to do is stop paying him the $50,000+ to show up at the annual meeting every year.

  10. But..but…but…the NRA would lose some Tea Party membership dues if they dropped him!!!

  11. Ted’s post was pretty bad, but the comments were the capper. That festering mess of Nazis are as much the wrong side as the most avid of Every Mayor’s Mother Against Self-Defense.

  12. My wife greeted me as I returned home last night by showing me Nugent’s post and telling me in no uncertain terms that as long as he is on the NRA board, not another dollar of our family money was to go to the organization.

    She and I disagree on guns, but she puts up with me because she recognizes that my arguments make valid points. She will not put up with blatant antisemitism, which is what Nugent’s post was.

    Nugent is a liability.

    1. I agree that the Nuge has become a liability, but as far as your wife’s ultimatum “I don’t care” is the only legitimate response.

  13. Nobody ever heard of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership?

      1. Lol. Thats some bullshit.
        I can guarantee several of the people here critising the Nugent post can talk all about JFPO and its successor group the Zellman Partisans. Nugent posted an antisemitic and 9/11 conspiracy theory post. (Seriously, look at the caption under Bloomberg)
        Stop trying to whitewash his shit.

        Also, trying to call the people disagreeing with you fudds? Now who is trying to kick others out of the movement?

        1. Fuck whitewashing it. I just don’t care. STOP EATING OUR OWN. The bastards that you are standing up for aren’t on your side. They are never going to be on your side. Ted Nugent is on your side, and you’re treating him worse than your enemies.

          Great. Because you all can’t manage to stop sniffing your own farts about how noble you are, they win the game of “let’s you and you fight” AGAIN.

          Stop being stupid. Stop playing the left’s game.

            1. Speaking out against anti-semitism on the right is the left’s game. You know when they speak out against leftist anti-semitism? NEVER. It’s endemic to the left. They are all anti-semitic. Do you know when they point it out? NEVER. Only when it is on the right.

              Do you know what they do when we point it out on the left? They close ranks around their own. STUPID shit like this is why WE ARE LOSING THE CULTURE WAR.

              You morons must be the ones writing the ROEs for our troops overseas. I bet you get a little chubby every time you see a flag draped coffin that means we didn’t “offend anyone” all the way to the grave.

              1. That the left lets its own antisemitism fester instead of cleansing it is one of the reasons they’re fucking wrong. It’s not something we should be emulating.

              2. I can’t get rah-rah team enough to circle my wagons around anti-semitism or any other kind of racism. If the left wants to do that, fine. Let them do that. Also let them lose the jewish vote, which they have been in large numbers since Hope and Change.

                I agree the right need to start playing dirty, but not that dirty. The left wins because they are very effective at using government and monopolizing cultural institutions. The anti-jewish sentiment appearing on the new left is not why they are winning.

                1. Also let them lose the jewish vote, which they have been in large numbers since Hope and Change.


                  Yeah, they are almost back to… 1998 levels. Romney got 6% more than Bush. These are the “victories” that are leading us straight to ruin.

                  We don’t get the jewish vote by being more vigilant than they are on policing antisemitism. Let’s face it — the jews that care are already in Israel. The jews in America are jewish by ethnicity, but hardly identify with Israel at all.

                  I don’t think antisemitism is healthy. I don’t think it is a good sign to see it spread on our side. At the same time, we have to stop eating our own. Nuge reposted a stupid meme — one that (badly) makes a valid point (that American Jews are by and large the largest supporters of violating the RKBA).

                  So yeah, let’s take a guy that gets lots of free media, brings tons of LIVs to our camp, and a tireless supporter of our cause and fucking crucify him over a stupid internet cartoon. That’s not what someone fighting for a cause does. That’s what a stupid religious fanatic does.

                  1. “Let’s take a guy that gets lots of free media”

                    Most of which is exposing him as a racist, anti-Semitic loon.

                    1. Hardly. A single concert he performs reaches more people than MSNBC — and people who are persuadable, to boot.

          1. ” Ted Nugent is on your side, and you’re treating him worse than your enemies.”

            Come on now, if your enemy is a racist prick you would denounce him for that as well.

            When you have a cancerous growth, you cut it out, you don’t shrug your shoulders and say “yup we should let it fester”.

            That you’re taking this tack shows how big a disconnect you have with everyone else. The NRA is very good at rallying the base, but also seems calculated to do little to no outreach. That’s a losing strategy, and one you’re embracing by standing up for that draft dodging kiddy-diddling bigoted chickenhawk.

          2. I’m not standing up for those bastards, I’m standing up all the Jews on OUR side that he’s tagged with posting a stupid anti-jewish meme. I’ve said Fuck _______ for many of the politicians posted there. But I didn’t do that because they were jewish, I did it because they’re anti-gun progressives.

            I call out antisemitism equally, I don’t give two shits what side it is on. There’s plenty of lefty groups that I won’t even engage with because of their antisemitism.

            Also, this isn’t a game of “lets you and you fight”. It’s an own-fucking-goal because Nugent posted that without any prompting. It’s the equivalent of your asshole uncle wandering out onto the porch, dropping trou, and shitting on the front steps. This whole damn shitshow is self-inflicted, not something we can blame the left for.

            As far as “culture wars”, one of the ones I’m fighting for is for individuals to be judged on their merits, not by whatever box they check on the form. If you don’t think that calling out this shit is part of that, then no, you aren’t on my side.

            Ya know, maybe you should start getting out and talking to people rather than spouting bullshit on the internet. I personally several people that are jewish, progun, and proisrael that live here. They’re here because they like it here.

            You know how to stop the spread of antisemitism? You call it the fuck out when you see it and make it known that it is not acceptable on your side. You don’t just shrug your shoulders like the fucking left does and let it metastasize into full blown hate.

            American Jews make up some of the biggest supporters on both side of the RKBA fight. As some of us pointed out above, The two guys who won Heller and McDonald were Jewish. Ignoring attacks that paint ALL Jews as anti-gun does them a disservice. Hell, It’s practically Nugent throwing THEM outside of the moment! Think about that and then tell me that isn’t Nugent trying to split the movement and attacking our own! That’s why we’re pissed.

            Oh, and fuck you, you fucking asshole-worshiping shit stain for fucking accusing me of being happy for american deaths, you draft-dodger-praising piece of dribble down your mom’s leg. Fuck you and whatever fucking high horse you’ve gotten rammed up you ass.

            1. I call out antisemitism equally, I don’t give two shits what side it is on.

              They don’t call out anti-semitism equally.

              They don’t care when you call out anti-semitism on either side.

              The people on our side aren’t going to leave because we have 1% anti-semitism and the other side has 100% anti-semitism.

              You are implementing a losing strategy for losers.

              Oh, and fuck you, you fucking asshole-worshiping shit stain for fucking accusing me of being happy for american deaths, you draft-dodger-praising piece of dribble down your mom’s leg. Fuck you and whatever fucking high horse you’ve gotten rammed up you ass.

              But you still want that oh so non-offensive ROE, don’t you?

              1. I’ll try and repeat myself until you get the fucking point.
                I want Jews to be pro-gun, I want blacks to be progun, I want EVERYONE to be pro-gun. Someone who is explicitly antisemitic IS TRYING TO KICK JEWS OFF OF MY SIDE.

                FUCK THAT.

                Oh, and since you’re apparently confusing me with a straw peter, let me lay it out for you:
                Yes, I think many of our ROE are fucking stupid & hurting our military capability. But since you had for some reason dragged that topic into an argument over antisemitism, to the point of accusing me of getting “a little chubby every time you see a flag draped coffin”, I thought my FUCK YOU accomplished my response to the whole paragraph. I didn’t think I had to go word by word, but I apparently have to do so to get it through your stupid head.

                1. Your side is “noble suicide.” I would encourage it if you weren’t going to drag so many other good people down with you.

                  Fuck you for the good men you are going to enslave or imprison by your pig-headedness.

                  1. Whereas I read your statements about how ‘it doesn’t doesn’t matter what people on our side believe, just as long as the other team doesn’t get power’ and I start to wonder if you want anything other than naked power. If all we’re arguing about is who’s the boss, what actually separates us from the Left?

                    “Good Men”.
                    Can you provide your definition of “good men” for me? Because I have rarely found modern-day antisemitic assholes to be good men under my definitions.

                    As far as any “noble suicide”, I look at the guys on my side that at one time pledged “to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor”.
                    You want me to put my sacred honor on the line? Have some honor yourself. Have some standards. Treat people with dignity and as individuals, not lumped into boxes of intersectionality.

                    1. Lol what?

                      Sam Adams signed the Declaration, or did you not realize what I was quoting?

                    2. I realized what you were quoting — and that is my point. Sam Adams was one of the organizers of that bit of terrorism known as the Tea Parties and supported expelling or hanging loyalists.

                      Jewish Americans are by and large loyalists to the Progressive gun grabbers. I’m not interested in what may set their hearts aflutter — especially when our side wants to burn Nuge in a witch hunt at the same time they are embracing actual murderously (literally) anti-semitic Arab “refugees”.

                      This is red-on-red for no gain whatsoever and quite a bit of harm, so that people like you can pat yourselves on the back about how noble you are. It’s the same as Sam Adams throwing Patrick Henry under the bus for saying something libelous about the British.

                    3. I’ll point out again that the distinguishing similarity between all the people on Nugent’s poster, the thing that ties them together without making a bigger circle than needed, is Inner-city Democrat/Progressive. Not Jew.
                      If you blame & expel Jews for the people on that list, you’re also kicking out Aland Gura and Alan Gottlieb of SAF, who won Heller and McDonald.
                      Nobody tries to kick out all the Irish because of Gun Grabbers like O’Malley and Daley, or all the Blacks because of Obama and Sharpton. So why do you treat the Jews differently?

                      Samuel Adams supported exiling Loyalists. I.e. people who held that philosophical position. Not Anglicans, not Unitarians, not Presbyterians, not Jews. (in fact, several Jews lent support to the American cause).
                      If you can’t distinguish between some Progressive Democrats and all Jews, including Jewish supporters of the 2A, frankly I don’t trust your judgement on what is Blue and what is Red. You seem to be unable to distinguish between allies and enemies.

                    4. Jews that are for gun rights are the tiny minority group that prove the rule. They are in about the same percentage as people who believe the Earth is flat.

                      They are not our allies, other than the few we already have. They are going to be the last to become our allies.

                      Again, I’m not saying that I support anti-semetic views. I am not saying that we should encourage them. I am saying that actively, viciously policing our side about those views is a counterproductive waste of time and energy that only helps the banner side.

                      Not one single person is going to give us credit for going after Nuge on the other side. None. This is SJW bullshit, and you never apologize to SJWs — it just energizes them and they take it as an admission of guilt.

                      Don’t give it to them. You think that you are protecting our collective reputation by crucifying Nuge. You are not. You are cementing anti-semitism into our reputation by repeating the lie that Nuge hates jews. Everyone remembers the lie, and the more you repeat it the more they remember it. No one remembers the refutation of the lie, no matter how concrete it is.

                      Nuge posted something stupid. No one should care. In the culture war, you dumbasses are playing Checkers and the left is playing full contact MMA.

  14. What the hell is the deal with twitter? Why do people do this to themselves?

    Considering the text, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nugent just lazily copied some image or tweet he saw somewhere else without bothering to look very closely. And now Nugent will reap the whirlwind for his lack of diligence.

    Geez, just like that new TV show, “the internet ruined my life”.

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