New NRA Ad Hits Obama and Hillary

Saying what it means when politicians endorse the Australian and British models:

In the real world, we call this “truth.” In Dan Gross’s world, which is not the real world the rest of us live in, he’s channeling Baghdad Bob:

Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, said the gun lobby’s rhetoric “boggles his mind” and is “beyond hyperbole.”

“Their world is crumbling around them,” Gross said. “So they resort to painting this inaccurate picture that everyone wants to take your guns away.”

Don’t ever let anyone tell you no one wants to take your guns.

5 thoughts on “New NRA Ad Hits Obama and Hillary”

  1. Dan Gross is a liar. It’s like praising the efficiency of the Fascist Italian train schedule and the German concentration camps while leaving out the little details of mass executions and the Holocaust genocide.

    It is eminently logical to look at the entire experience of the Australian model with forced confiscation at the end. That is the accurate picture. It is not hyperbole. It is a statement of what they did. It is what the POTUS is alluding to.

    Does the truth hurt, Dan Gross?
    It must because he is a liar, deceitful, and evil; all rolled up into one odious package.

  2. If Gross, Obama, and Clinton want to claim that those comments mean something other than what the NRA (and simple logic) say they mean, then they should go ahead and provide a refutation. They can’t, however, because it’s clear that the NRA is 100% correct.

    Obama and Clinton really did make favorable comments about Australia’s gun control policies and those policies really did require gun owners to turn in guns or face criminal penalties. I guess they could plead stupidity or ignorance, but considering the number of times both have made the argument, that’s pretty weak.

  3. The base for the Democrats, in general, know they are talking about confiscation. Its like a code phrase. They are jealous that Britain and Australia are “gun free.” They love hearing about that utopia. The politicians get to say “but I didn’t say “confiscation”…” which has worked for far too long. They know. The base knows. They won’t say they know. Only those hoping they will somehow understand firearms is left tripping over ourselves. The retort should be “Lexington, Concord, and Gonzales.” In general, it has ended badly on this continent for anyone outright confiscating weapons. That is why it hasn’t happened yet on a grand scale, and I pray they never try. But history isn’t so hopeful… *sigh*

  4. It is extremely telling that when directly confronted by Anderson Cooper over the whole “Australia” concern, Obama filibustered, danced, and absolutely refused to address the question. Obama had a chance to reverse or clarify his earlier statements about Australia, and all he did instead was hurl accusations against the NRA for conspiracy mongering. (And shame on Anderson Cooper for not following up and letting Obama get away with a non-answer.)

    How stupid does Obama think Americans are?

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