3 thoughts on “Why Yes, He is a Socialist”

  1. I haven’t had any doubts since about January 21st. I initially thought “ok, maybe I’m wrong and the radical acquaintences are just acquaintences”.

    What’s most aggravating is that when you look at outcomes in the GM/Chrysler nationalization saga, Obama says “they’ll be back in private hands once we’re done fixing them” but that doesn’t undo the damage done to private investors at the onset.

    So basically what he’s saying is “let me take this wealth from the bondholders, who are just S.O.L., distribute the ‘fair share’ to the union, get the company back on its feet making the cars I prescribe, and then we’ll sell shares”.

    If a government takeover happens once, I’ll guarantee it happens again. Once they’re hooked on nanny-state benefits, they’ll never be free. Who’s going to invest in it?

    By the way, the WaPo lacks any ethos now since they were willful and unscrupulous Obama Fanboys.

    (by the way, sorry for making a comment longer than the original post…)

  2. The feds quietly slipped GM another $4 billion of our money this weekend which will never be repaid. But the military budget is being cut to shreds. Yes, a peace-nick socialist.

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