Gun Control Defeated in Virginia

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The anti-gun folks made a big push, saying hundreds and hundreds showed up to protest. Complaints were loud when journalists reported the actual numbers. About the size of a somewhat larger Friends of the NRA dinner, I’d say. Either way, the good news is they came up empty handed, and it would seem there’s some will to solve the problem Herring created by making Virginia a Constitutional Carry state.

As a great man once said, punch back twice as hard. We not only have to defeat their proposals, we have to make them far worse off than they would have been if they had just left well enough alone.

5 thoughts on “Gun Control Defeated in Virginia”

  1. This is excellent news.

    Maybe if progressives keep pushing their gun-free utopia, they can sink their own ship in the coming election cycle.

  2. Yep- never correct an opponent trying their best to lose… There were 1,200 from VCDL in ~23 degree weather all through the building. I am sure the message was heard. Now just to get rid of the GC politicians…

  3. I was already looking forward to open carry during my next visit to VA. My response to any complaint would have been, ‘blame your dips%^+ AG’. If constitutional carry passes I may still have to open carry and use the same response, just with a larger smile on my face!

  4. It was a very nice crowd at Lobby Day.

    Probably 1000-1200 inside lobbying. The legislative assistants that I spoke with, all said that the building was swamped by people with Guns Saves Lives stickers.

    About 250 people stayed for the rally in the freezing cold. Some people were still inside.
    Those that came, mostly came on their own, with a couple of busses.

    The anti-gun group was bussed in from out of town, with matching T-shirts. It must be nice to be astroturfed by a billionaire.

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