A New Leftist Trope: Tone Shaming

I have to link this with the caveat that I don’t know whether this is real, satirical, or just plain trolling. Poe’s Law is in full effect. But this does come from a credible lefty source on the Book of Face. Apparently I’ve been doing a lot of tone shaming my whole life and never realized it. So for all of you that I’ve ever refused to have discussions with until you calmed down, for all the times I’ve said I don’t argue with children throwing a temper tantrum, I’m sorry. I did not realize the error of my ways. Apparently I was wrong to expect adult conversation and disagreement, and so I offer a heartfelt apology for preserving my privilege.

16 thoughts on “A New Leftist Trope: Tone Shaming”

  1. You should always be gentle. Try using this key phrase..

    “Hold on, I’ll warm up a bottle for you before we continue.”

    1. In the same vein, I’ve always been partial to:

      “Someone burp them so we can get some work done”

  2. I can see some merit to what they are saying, attacking someone as emotional can be a form of ad hominem. That’s what they showed with the example in the first couple of panels of the comic; The issue is the murder rate of some group. One can respond to the issue, with stats on drug use, poverty, etc… but dismissing it out of hand due to a person being emotional, is attacking the speaker not the issue, and is a form of ad hominem. We should aspire to not do this.

    On the other hand, if they want to go with, “[emotions] are central to the issue,” then attacking them is certainly fair game. Of course I can only come up with a handful of ‘issues’ in which emotions are the central issue, with gun control being one of them….

  3. AnOregonian is on to something. Sure, some topics do have an emotional core that can’t really be separated from the other factors that drive them. However, when policy decisions must be made, and gun control is a key example here, the emotional core is just about all the anti-gunners have to present, so of course they want to claim that their emotional need to “feel safe” is just as legitimate as all the facts and science that prove gun control doesn’t work. Cede that point to them and we’ve just thrown out the rational basis to continue our battle to retain gun rights.

  4. Funny, they take a legitimate issue and de-legitimize it by being hysterical and shrill.

    While they have every right to be emotional, I have no obligation to listen to them which they demand at the end.

  5. If they want to indulge in tantrums then I will shame them. They deserve to be shamed.

  6. “It’s your turn to listen now.”

    That’s hilarious. I don’t respect people won’t control themselves and throw tantrums at the drop of a hat. Passionately debating an issue is fine, but resorting to screaming and insults is not. If someone wants me to listen to their side, they need to make a compelling argument.

    Besides, in my experience the whiny leftists pushing this tripe aren’t exactly known for tolerating dissent and respectfully listening to opposing arguments.

  7. I believe the line is: “You can’t reason someone out of something they weren’t reasoned into.”

    So, I guess they want their emotional “logic” to be respected?

    Yeah, “Someone burp them so we can get some work done” works for me.

  8. There’s nothing wrong with being emotional about an issue. You can’t tell someone that their own emotions are not real. People feel how they feel.

    But if you want to change the rules for everyone else, you’d better have some data to back up those emotions.

    1. I always thought that enlightenment came because the Age of Reason. So now we should be the Law of Emotion. If so it will progress to the Law of Might. Those screeching won’t be happy then either.

      So let us keep up with tone shaming It is the right thing to do.

  9. If this catches on, just remember to make them play by their own silly rules when they pull the “you only want guns because you’re [angry/afraid/whatever]” card.

    1. That’s not how it works, “if it weren’t for double standards they would have no standards at all,” rings very true.

  10. Radical leftists hate to be tone policed because it points out that they are trying to bully people into supporting their views. I bully back, twice as hard to begin with, and then as vehemently as necessary.

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