Licenses to Carry Up Locally

I’m glad to see my county making itself a harder target, with LTCs up 175%. I just hope the folks getting these LTC a) seek training (a basic course won’t make you a gun ninja, but it’ll give you exposure to how much more there is to know), and b) will actually carry their guns. The Democrats can push gun control in response to terrorism all they want. This congressional district is only R+1 on the Cook Index, and people are still voting through actions against what the Democratic Party wants to promote. Americans are choosing to arm themselves in record numbers. I guess we’ll see how this plays in 2016.

One Response to “Licenses to Carry Up Locally”

  1. PaulT says:

    My understanding is that it is also popular with people from Delaware getting an out of state permit for PA. A Delaware permit isn’t good in PA, and Bucks county has a reputation for being fair and quick, unlike some other counties.


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