Obama’s No-Fly No Buy Proposal for Guns Falling Flat

It’s always amazed me how often the gun control folks fail because they simply can’t help themselves from going a bridge too far. I can speak anecdotally that not many left-leaning folks have been willing to stand up and enthusiastically get behind the Terror Watch List proposal. But in this case, we can stop just speaking anecdotally, and note that the LA Times thinks the proposal is a bad one. That was followed up by Slate.

I’ve been of the opinion that the entire Bush-era “no fly” list as applied to flying is and ought to be ruled completely unconstitutional. Neither the 9th Amendment to the Bill of Rights, nor the “Privileges or Immunities” clause of the 14th Amendment does much for us these days, but it has been recognized to protect the rights of citizens to travel the country unimpeded. It’s good to see there are still some traditional liberals out there who find the use of secret government lists to restrict the liberties of citizens distasteful.

Via Glenn Reynolds, who notes: “To be fair, the whole thing was just intended as a distraction from Obama’s many national security failures, not as a serious proposal.”

When Democrats would rather talk about gun control, an issue that they not long ago regarded as poison, how bad have things really gotten for them?

16 thoughts on “Obama’s No-Fly No Buy Proposal for Guns Falling Flat”

  1. Perfect example of the gun control mentality: California banned “assault weapons” a quarter century ago and neither shooter was on the watch list, but let’s use this “crisis” to call for more bans and prohibit more people…

  2. I read the article the Theology of gun control in the WSJ. It posits that liberals can not accept evil in people or a religion that espouses evil. such as Islam. So they project that evil onto the tool. gun. It is the same idea the gun is magical and made me shoot someone.

  3. The Democrats rushed this endeavor. Like the idea if people are so dangerous to be on the No Fly List then they should not be able to buy guns. They rushed this endeavor. All to boast they they did something about guns. They are desperate for a win, any win on gun control.
    McConnell was smart enough to allow the amendments and have them lose.

    1. The proposal doesn’t pass a basic logic test. If there’s enough evidence the people on the list are so dangerous they can’t be trusted with firearms, then to me there should be ample evidence to arrest, indict and prosecute them.

      1. I would say that by extension, anyone on the NICS disqualified from firearms ownership list, such as violent felons and mentally incompetent should not be allowed to walk around without a handler. They might get access to matches and car keys and could do a lot of damage with them.

        We need to bring back mental institutions and commit people. It is simply not humane to let the mentally ill live out tortured lives untreated on the streets. Likewise, a felon who has served his time should have his rights restored. If he is still so dangerous, why is he being let out?

        So, I think the whole NICS background check fiasco needs to be ended. Not expanded by liberal morons!

  4. An unintended consequence of this push might just be an end to the “no fly” list.

  5. The obvious lesson to people is that with Isis in our midst, is to get a gun. Even police chief Lanier in DC said after Paris if a person sees an attack to stop them if they can. Stopping them implies having a gun.

  6. People rushed to buy guns over the Thanksgiving weekend Almost 500,000 people bought guns That 300,000,000 guns in people hands is getting larger all the time. I wonder how many bought guns after last weekend shooting?

  7. Probably 2-3 million guns are sold each year. Each gun is a nail in the gun control narrative

    1. I think it’s considerably more than 2-3 million. There were more than 21 million NICS checks in 2013. I know that not every NICS check is a new gun, but I’m guessing well more than half of the NICS checks result in a new gun sale.

      I chuckle when people say 300 million. That was the number they were touting five years ago. It has to be much closer to 400 million by now.


  8. I saw supposed ‘moderate’ U.S. Senator Manchin enthusiastically endorse the no-fly no-buy bill while he was being interviewed on Morning Joe. And he expects we are supposed to trust him when he reassures us about his background check bill?

    I kept wondering about his bill because I never got around to reading the text. I don’t wonder anymore, not now.

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