Banning Possession of Gun Knowledge

New South Wales has moved to ban the possession or sharing of information on 3D printed firearms.

Considering that plans have been available since 2013, this seems a bit like trying to put the genie back into a bottle. We know how well it works to tell people that they can’t have something anymore when it can be downloaded from the internet. It’s not like Australia doesn’t already have laws on the possession of actual guns, but I guess now they want to ban the knowledge of guns, too.

9 thoughts on “Banning Possession of Gun Knowledge”

  1. And the “Australian model” is something worth looking at and considering, according to Hillary Clinton.

    Just something to remember.

    1. “Defences for the offence include innocent production, dissemination or possession; “


  2. * RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

    There are a lot of emails in this directory to the Government of New South Wales.

    And it wouldn’t do for members of the Parliament of New South Wales to be in possession of those files either.

    While Defense Distributed was forced to take down the files, many of us have copies of the files. I wonder if it might be up on Torrent somewhere as well.

    It’s time to make them live up to their own laws.

  3. Isn’t Australia where they keep finding actual sub-guns manufactured in garages out of real metal?

    1. Yes, it is.

      After all, how hard can it be – paraphrasing Tam
      80% of the parts for an Owen gun can be bought in the plumbing aisle in the local hardware store.

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