PA Police Promote PSH

I don’t see how this “case of mistaken identity” had a positive outcome, other than no-one was harmed by the police responding to a bogus “Man With Gun” call. And then the cops double down and encourage people to make bogus calls. Topped off by the Lancaster Safety Coalition “review[ing] footage” and “see[ing] how the tripod could be mistaken for a gun at first glance.” Mrs Grundy in the 21st Century?

5 thoughts on “PA Police Promote PSH”

  1. Two thoughts:

    First, if I were a terrorist, I would probably carry my weapon of choice in some sort of container, say a violin case, or a rifle bag, that will make it less clear that I’m actually carrying something I’m going to use to terrorize a population…so if you think it’s a gun for that purpose, you’re probably wrong…but that’s probably just me…

    (If it’s actually a gun, then the person wielding it is probably not up to nefarious purposes, on account of not hiding it…)

    Second, if I were a terrorist, and I wanted to terrorize Lancaster, I now know that I should watch for a photographer to walk into a ten-story building, and call in a report for suspicious activity. Not only will I be tying up a portion of the police force now on a wild goose chase, I’ll be complimented on being vigilant and doing the right thing!

    1. It is, but apparently the LCP feel it’s acceptable to search a privately owned building floor by floor to find said ‘person exercising their constitutional rights’.
      I’m glad the LCP doesn’t see what I’ve got under my desk at work, I don’t doubt they might have provided me with some stainless jewelry!

  2. Police would “much rather respond to a call like this and determine it to be unfounded, than not get a call for something that ends up being the real thing,” he said.

    Of course they would; not only does it justify the PSH and their response to it, they won’t suffer any consequences when they shoot a confused photographer who “acted in a furtive manner” when the cops show up with guns drawn (“exigent circumstances” and qualified immunity, doncha know).

    1. If more people would exercise their rights to be armed then the police would only need to respond to pick up the bodies of perps after the “real thing” happens.

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