Weekly Gun News – Edition 20


It’s not really tab cleaning time just yet, but I’d rather fire off the news post today rather than tomorrow. Tomorrow is our last day in our old offices. On Monday, the movers come, and I have to move a few switches and servers. Tuesday they switch our Internet pipe, so I will have a lot to do ahead of the Thanksgiving Holiday.

It’s almost like he wants Hillary to lose: “Obama says gun control to be top issue of final year.” Either that or he’s making a killing on gun stocks.

Apparently the European Commission is considering a rash of gun control laws. It’s what control freak technocrats are wont to do, and the European Union is the biggest infestation of technocrats out there. Of course, none of this will work, but control is what they do.

Analysis true: How not to be a jerk at a shooting match.

Clinton and O’Malley are still trying to out anti-gun each other.

Bernie hits back at O’Malley, noting Baltimore is not a very safe city.

Haters gonna hate.

Dog bites man: Bob Owens notes there’s more support for reinstating DC’s gun ban from wealthy whites than from residents outside of that demographic.

Every town put out a “study” that suggests states that ban private transfers of handguns have fewer mass shootings. Again, they are hoping you’re thinking one kind of mass shooting when the vast majority of these are really another.

Charles C.W. Cooke: “The NRA Is Absolutely Right to Fear the ‘Terrorism Watch List’” He takes on that ridiculous headline over at the New York Daily News. I don’t even think the “no-fly” list should be constitutional, let alone using this bullshit for removing 2nd Amendment rights.

Taurus pistols don’t seem to be drop safe? All modern pistols should be drop safe. That’s one safety feature I agree with.

Oregon admits to monitoring what Second Amendment supports were saying after the UCC killings.

There’s a Swedish rifle called the “School Shooting Rifle.” No really, there is.

Brazil seeks to copy US gun culture.

Dog bites man again: It’s possible for criminals to traffic contraband. This apparently comes as a shock to many.

Good to see Mayor Nutter putting the “Lame” in “Lame Duck.”


3 thoughts on “Weekly Gun News – Edition 20”

  1. A common thread for the Brazilian and French stories that may not be apparent on the surface is that a source for the criminal elements in both places is cottage industry. In the favelas of Brazil, they have made crude smooth bore subguns. Accuracy is crap, but if all you care about is the ability to spray bullets at very close range, they do the job. On the other side of the world, there are guys making AKs in huts, stamping out receivers from sheet metal, and cutting down old Mosin barrels. It’s good enough for shooting fish in a barrel.

    Guns are fairly simple machines. You don’t need a lot of advanced technology to support a small arms industry. Just look at the model numbers of popular guns: 1911, AK-47, CZ-75B. The most recent of those guns just turned 40. Multiple WWI and WWII subguns are dead simple to make. If your country has the technology to make bicycles, you have the capacity to make at least some kind of automatic weapon.

  2. Regarding the Oregon article, some law enforcement agencies (especially campus law enforcement) have a staff person dedicated to monitoring social media. I’m surprised that this is considered something new or unusual to the reporter.

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