Mumbai Style Attack in Paris

The story is developing, but it seems to be multiple coordinating shootings and hostage takings. It could happen here. Carry your guns. Pay attention to their tactics and numbers, that will give clues as to what we can expect. If they try something like this here, let us teach them, once again, Americans shoot back.

God bless all those people in France who may be among the victims, and God help anyone who is facing a hostage situation.

15 thoughts on “Mumbai Style Attack in Paris”

  1. Dam shame for the French people. Let it be a lesson for all of us here. Never ever give up our gun rights.Vote for politicians who believe in the constitution.
    Carry at all times.

  2. Based on how fast this seems to be expanding, and the level of coordination involved, I’m not sure why Article V of NATO should not be invoked.

  3. ISIS might regret a mass attack on the only European country with it’s own nuclear arsenal outside American or NATO control.

  4. Given that most potential terrorists here know that there will be people who can shoot back, I suspect that IEDs will be the primary danger. Unfortunately, what more can one do except don a kevlar vest to minimize shrapnel wounds?

    1. If they “know” anything at all, then they will know that almost no civilians are armed in NYC. And I’m sure that NYC is their next wet dream.

      1. True, but even though the NYPD would probably add to the death toll somewhat in collateral damage, they would still likely respond far more aggressively and on their own initiative than any European Police force.

        1. Back in 2001, after 9/11, I had to cross checkpoints into Manhattan from the Bronx (where I lived then) to get to my EMS station. Meanwhile, the Bronx, Queens and most of Brooklyn got less attention.

          They could take advantage of some extra time to wreak serious havoc by attacking targets in the outer boroughs where the counter-terrorism units and ESU (NYPD’S SWAT) have less of a presence.

          *That*, to me, is scary.

  5. The French need to isolate those no-go muslim enclaves and arrest and deport all of them back to Morocco or whatever hellhole they came from. They decided to live outside of French society, so they do not belong.

    Their crazy liberal immigration policy got these fifth-columnists into France so now it is time to reverse that incorrect decision.

    1. The enemy is in the gates. It is really hard to defend against an enemy that is in your home.
      1st . Identify the enemy. It is Islam and the mosques that support the radicals. Freedom of religion is about to bottoms up in Europe.
      2Nd go into the no go into No GO ZONES and check the residents for evidence of Isis sympathies. Interrogate the Imans . The communications come from there.

  6. Due to the constitutional protections of religion here. It is harder to do in the US what I suggested.In Europe the concept of religious war is not hard.

  7. New York City, New Jersey, Maryland and California are ripe for this kind of cowardly attack. It seriously drives me crazy that I can not legally carry a firearm here in California. All because I live in the wrong county. WTF? And no I will not move yet. (Look how big LA County is)
    My instincts tell me to carry, but the government here will not allow me. (How sick is that?)

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