Boehner Weak in the Knee

Hardly surprising, because I’ve seen kittens that have more fight in them than Boehner. The Republicans can always be counted on to not be counted on. This is what we reap from making our rights dependent on a single party:

Rep. Steve LaTourette (R-Ohio) noted the change on Tuesday, telling The Hill that the mood in the conference among “even the strongest gun supporters” is that they “don’t object to having a conversation about it — which is a big shift.”

We have to put the fear of God us into the GOP. Obama didn’t win by a landslide, but the GOP is acting like he did. The Democrats would never make this kind of mistake if they were in our position. As one of Glenn’s readers noted “I am puzzled why the Republicans continue to want John Boehner to remain speaker. He is genuinely not good at his job.”

6 thoughts on “Boehner Weak in the Knee”

  1. As long as the discussion ends with “Yep, had it right the first time.”

    However, politicians roll with the winds. Better check how the winds are blowing in their districts. State orgs better get pumping. GeorgiaCarry already has a local television debate lined up. Not posted on their site, yet, but I’ve already gotten email for it.

  2. Looking just at gun owners who voted versus gun owners who stayed home – it was a landslide.

  3. It might have been handy to have GOP senators from Delaware, Indiana, Missouri, and Nevada right now.

  4. Republicans complain about other republicans and then continue to fall victim to the voting hoax. If you vote for anyone or think politics will lead to an acceptable outcome at any time in the future, then you’re stupid. We’ve had over 200 years to see what democracy, republics and constitutions can do. Get over it.

  5. LaTourette is a Lame Duck Rino who just so happens to be my Congress Critter. When he started to Oppose the NRA this past Summer AND said that ObamaCare was a “Good Thing,” he was shocked to find out that he was getting ZERO Campaign Dollars, and the Local/State Party said “Get the F*#K Out!” Now he’s just Whinging until he gets his “Talking Head Job” at some MSM Outlet.

  6. New Rasummsen poll out: Only 47% of “all Americans” favor more gun control, a margin-of-error tie with the 45% who oppose. A poll of likely voters (the only ones who matter to legislators) would likely show a solid majority opposed.

    This is considerably better results than that cooked CBS poll being waved around by the usual suspects.

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