Weekly Gun News – Edition 4


I wanted to get this out yesterday, but time did not permit. Sorry for the dead air. It was more busy rather than lack of things to talk about. Let me gather up all the news:

Wisconsin is about to be rid of its waiting period to buy a handgun, among other improvements.

Eugene Volokh: “If you openly carry a gun, don’t do it while loudly singing Hakuna Matata.” Probably good advice. As open carry becomes more ordinary, expect people who do it for the wrong reasons to get more and more outrageous in search of attention.

Major management shakeup at Remington.

Ed Peruta is a colorful character, to put it mildly. Mother Jones somehow manages to do a fair article on the man.

Professor Glenn Reynolds notes “The TSA can’t spot ordinary guns. So what’s the response?” Ban the plastic ones, of course (even though undetectable plastic guns are already banned).

The Daily Beast questions the effectiveness of Wear Orange Day.

Newsweek thinks campus carry passing in Texas is a victory for gun control, since we didn’t get everything we wanted. Don’t you worry, Newsweek. We’ll be back for the rest later.

Charles C.W. Cooke writes about the proposed ITAR regulations.

Wired: “I made an untraceable AR-15 ‘Ghost Gun’ in My Office — And It Was Easy.” I hope he used a bullet button, otherwise that AR-15 is illegal in California.

Bloomberg View: “When Tech Kills Gun Control.”

Michael Pfleger: NRA “will pay pay for the murder of our children.” I thought for a minute he was saying NRA was doing a whole murder for hire thing in Chicago. Pfleger is a world class nut job. I could believe anything from him.

You’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. If Ted Cruz had gone on a shoot with a prohibited person, the media would have torn him apart and his campaign would be over. Instead, they criticize the campaign for running background checks on prospective shooters.

You know the whole “mass shootings on the rise” meme started by an FBI report? Yeah, the characterization of the report was bullshit. The FBI researchers admit it. This was all ginned up by the Administration to support its gun control agenda.

Hey, I just want to be able to carry if I choose without having to carry a rule list of where I can and can’t go around with me. These are the people who are truly obsessed.

Oregon may be getting some reciprocity, since apparently a lot of Dems are worried about their votes on banning private firearms transfers.

Musical targets! I guess you’d need three or more shooters to do chords.

Colonial Williamsburg to open public musket range.

Off Topic:

Only sort of off topic, since I allow comments too: Reason gets hit with a federal subpoena to uncloak nasty commenters. Popehat takes the feds to task over it in a way that only Popehat can. Apparently this is legal, but it’s clearly abuse, and meant to intimidate.

The Fallen of World War II. I saw this floating around on social media on the D-Day anniversary. Really well done.

Note to Chris Christie: Debate is a healthy thing. I’ve had about enough of people shutting down debate.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Gun News – Edition 4”

  1. Considering the picture of the untraceable AR parts shows standard components… I think it is likely he did not build a legal AR

    1. I watched the video, and it’s clear to me that a bullet-button magazine release is installed in the functional lower receiver, making that receiver legal in Commiefornia. However, the magazine used in the rifle during the test firing looks like a 30 rounder which would make his rifle an illegal “assault weapon” inside Commiefornia.

      [It’s also important to note that rimfire caliber rifles do not qualify as so-called “assault weapons” in Commiefornia, so you could do an AR build with a normal magazine release if the upper was rimfire caliber]

      But since I didn’t see him fire more than ten rounds, it’s impossible to tell whether the magazine used is one of those permanently blocked to 10 rounds, which would make the firearm a legal rifle. So either the writer broke California law by assembling an illegal “assault weapon”, or the writer is guilty of visually misleading his audience as to the actual capability of his rifle and the level of gun regulation in California.

      1. I got the impression from that article that the magazines held 10 rounds.

        Wonder what they did with the 3d mill afterwards?

  2. The Peruta article misses the tiny but significant fact that the dissenting judge in the first 9CA decision is now the chief judge. I consider this a major turning point in the litigation.

  3. Every time an extremist like Cynthia Tucker lets loose, our final victory over gun-control edges closer. Good job Cynthia! Let the hate flow through you!

    1. I tried to see if Cynthia Tucker ever expressed an opinion on Shaneen Allen, and I came up with nothing.
      Own it Cynthia! What happened to Shaneen Allen is what gun-control is really all about.

  4. “If the California permitting system were struck down, that could be the difference between tens of thousands of people and a million or more people carrying in public,” predicts Mike McLively, a staff attorney at the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence

    Did McLively just admit that 900,000+ people’s rights in California have been violated?

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